Heroin crisis in Turkmenistan

Heroin use has become a crisis in Turkmenistan. For more, see here.

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Opium Use in Turkmenistan (article)

Kerimi, Nina. “Opium Use in Turkmenistan: A Historical Perspective.” Addiction 95:9 (2000), 1319-1333.

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Opium use in Turkmenistan (article)

Kerimi, Nina. "Opium use in Turkmenistan: a historical perspective." Addiction 95, no. 9 (2000): 1319-1333.

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UN warns of new form of smokable heroin

MSNBC News reported on 3 March 2004 that drug traffickers are targeting middle-class Americans with high-purity heroin that users can smoke rather than inject. Find the full story here.

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