Alcohol in the ancient Syrian ascetic tradition (article)

S. Abouzayd, "The Prohibition and the Use of Alcohol in the Syrian Ascetic Tradition and its Biblical and Spiritual Origins," Aram 17 (2005): 135-156.

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Smoking in the Ottoman Middle East (article)

James Grehan, "Smoking and 'Early Modern' Sociability: The Great Tobacco Debate in the Ottoman Middle East (Seventeenth to Eighteenth Centuries)," American Historical Review 111/5 (Dec. 2006), 1352-77. Grehan teaches history at Portland State University in Oregon.

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Doctors call for fatwa on smoking

A group of British Muslim doctors has called on Islamic leaders to issue religious rulings against smoking as part of efforts to stamp out the habit.

The Australian reports.

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Non-smokers encouraged to keep up momentum in Syria reported on 8 February 2005 that health officials are renewing their efforts to encourage villagers in southern Syria to stop smoking following the initial success of a pilot project in the area. Almost a third of those who had initially given up smoking had started again. Find the full story here.

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