Alcohol Control States and the Three Tier System

On Friday, May 15, at the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association's annual Conference in Arizona, public health policy analyst Dr. Peter Anderson will be on a moderated panel discussion on "The Middle Tier: Building Promotion and Control" with three others from government and industry.

From the conference brochure - "The middle tier of beverage alcohol distribution seems to be a phenomenon that is often described as a linchpin and necessity for an orderly marketplace. Is the middle tier critical to reducing alcohol abuse, ensuring tax collection, and preventing tainted products? Are monopoly entities such as the Scandinavian countries, Canadian Provinces, and US Control States considered a middle tier?"

The Three Tier System is described here by an Illinois wholesaling distributor. It would be interesting to investigate how the system of marketing medical marijuana compares to the Three Tier System, and conjecture how future marketing systems of other possibly legalized recreational drugs might also relate.

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Online Library of Alcohol and Drugs Research

A link to an Online Library, in English and Scandinavian, of research resources on the use, consequences, policy, and treatment of alcohol and drugs. 

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