Instant brewed coffee in the Philippines

A Filipino entrepreneur has developed instant brewed coffee, coffee in packets (similar to tea bags) that produce "brewed" coffee with the addition of hot water. For more, see here.

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Malaysian coffee for Filipinos

Old Town White Coffee, packets of instant coffee created with various flavors, has long been popular in Malaysia. It now is being sold in the Philippines. For more, see here. By the way, the article refers to Filipinos as Pinoys.

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Kapihan: coffee in the Philippines (book)

Noel Sy-Qula, Kapihan: A Celebration of Coffee in the Philippines (ArtPostAsia Publishing, 2008). Photographs by Neal Oshima and designed by Aman Santos. Published to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Nescafe in the Philippines. I think (but am not certain) that Kapihan refers to a meeting and is applied to coffee shops. Unlike most Asian people, Filippinos are not tea-drinkers. Coffee came to the Philippines with the Spanish. At one point in the nineteenth century the Philippines were the world's fourth largest producer of coffee. Its coffee was of the rare Liberica variety, sometimes called the barako variety from the region. Coffee rust and competition from cheap Vietnamese coffee have left the Philippines only a small niche in the world market. For more, see here.

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Kung fu and coffee

Pennsylvania's Hometown Coffee will provide the beans for kung fu movie star Jackie Chan's chain of coffeeshops, Jackie's Java, brewing in China, the Philippines and eventually elsewhere in Asia. For more, see here.

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Opium in South-East Asia (article)

Foster, Anne L. “Prohibition as Superiority: Policing Opium in South-East Asia, 1898-1925.” The International History Review 22:2 (2000), 253-273.

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Two sentenced to death for peddling ecstasy reports (21 April 2005) that two women were sentenced to the death penalty by the Mandaluyong City regional trial court for selling ecstasy to agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) three years ago. Judge Amelia Dy of the Mandaluyong RTC Branch 213 sentenced Emmalyn de la Serna alias Inday, 30, and Reggie Medenceles, 31, to die by lethal injection after finding them guilty of pushing ecstasy tablets. This was the first ever court decision on a case involving the peddling of ecstasy.

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