Maoist-dominated Nepal government cracking down on alcohol sales

The new Maoist-dominated Nepal government is cracking down on all sorts of immoralities including the sale of alcohol which now can be sold only to adults in specified stores. For details, see here. Again, thanks to Dave Trippel for the tip.

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Nepal's coffee shops

"In One's (Coffee) Cups," an article in the Nepal Times, April 6, 2007, describes and evaluates about a dozen coffee shops, several of which have more than a single location. They include a representative of foreign chains, Illy, which is headquartered in Italy and offers shade-grown coffee; a coffee seller (Singma Food Court) that offers both Nepali coffee beans and, for a higher price, Starbucks; and another (Himalayan Java) whose "American-style acidic, bitter roast might take some getting used to." Various coffees, desserts and other foods, wi-fi access (free or otherwise), reading materials, and people-watching opportunities get noted in the article. For more, see here.

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Internet 'pharmacies'

Legal prescription drugs are being trafficked illegally over the internet, the UN's anti-drugs body has warned. The BBC reports.

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I prefer to view the nation as half sober than half drunk

In a surprising revelation, experts have said almost half of Nepal’s 25 million population consumes alcohol thus not only straining the country’s health budget but giving rise to social tension. Nepal News reports.

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