EU must weed out cannabis

Morocco's campaign to eradicate its multi-billion-dollar cannabis crop is doomed to failure if Europe, the main market for the illicit drug, does not crack down on consumption, Morocco's Health Minister Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah said.

IOL reports.

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14.5 billion cigarettes sold in Morocco in 2004

Al Bawaba, a Middle East news source, reports (27 February 2005) that smoking is a major cause of death in Morocco, with a high rate of tobacco-associated cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. A recent study found that 34% of Moroccan men and 1% of Moroccan women aged over 20 are smokers. Morocco developed a tobacco control strategy, embodied in a law that was enforced in February 1998 and that prohibits smoking in public sites as well as tobacco advertisement. In 2004, 14.5 billion cigarettes were sold in Morocco.

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A cup of tea fit for a king

The Star Online reports (6 March 2005) that, inspired by a French perfumer and egged on by an English aficionado, a Sri Lankan master tea maker has revived a centuries-old Chinese tradition to make a brew that few but an emperor could afford. Connoisseurs will have to pay through the nose for the “white” tea – the price is a staggering US$1,250 (RM4,750) a kilogram, or 750 times more than the average price of high-quality pure Ceylon tea. Find the full story here.

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Britain is the new heroin capital of Europe

Abul Taher reported for the Times Online (27 February 2005) that Britain has become the heroin capital of Europe with the largest number of seizures and one of the highest levels of abuse. The UK accounts for most of the heroin seizures in Europe and, after Luxembourg and Portugal, has the most heroin users. Taher goes on to discuss other findings in the recent report by the International Narcotics Control Board, a body founded by the UN. Find the full story here. Reuters reports on the same story here.

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