Cannabis in Maldives lagoon

Here is an April 23 BBC News report on the tension surrounding 1.6 tons of pot in a Maldives lagoon.

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India's opium poppy comes under global glare

The Deccan Herald reports (3 March 2005) that illicit cultivation of the opium poppy on the outskirts of Bangalore is causing concern both in India and abroad, according to officials in New Delhi and at the Vienna-based International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). The seeds of the opium poppy are popular as a spice supplement throughout south India, but its illicit cultivation could tempt growers to tap the opium gum and use it for the production of heroin. Find the full story here.

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A public awareness message in Maldives on the harmful effects of tobacco

The Republic of Maldives announced in October 2004 that a public awareness message on the harmful effects of tobacco is to be printed in Dhivehi on all tobacco products packed in the Maldives. Find the full announcement on the official website of the Republic of Maldives here.

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