Mugabe snuffs Zimbabwe tobacco, fueling Zambia boom reports (17 March 2005) that Zimbabwe's neighbors are profiting from President Robert Mugabe's land redistribution program, which has ravaged the world's second-biggest tobacco export industry since 2000. More than 340 commercial farmers have relocated to Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania, creating jobs and boosting exports from some of the world's poorest countries. Find the full story here.

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Child labour in the tea sector in Malawi: a pilot study

A reports by L. Eldring, entitled "Investigating child labor in the tea sector in Malawi," for the Institute for Applied Social Science, Norway, 2003, can be found here. The report provides an overview of exisiting knowledge of child labour practices in the Malawi tea sector and explores the needs and priorities for further research.

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Malawi Digs in its Heels Over its Tobacco Industry

For Business Report online, Mabvuto Banda reports (10 February 2005) from Zomba that Malawi, which is seeking to protect its important tobacco industry, will not ratify an international pact that aims to limit supply and demand of the leaf on health grounds. Over 50 countries have ratified the framework convention for tobacco control, which comes into force on February 27. Malawi is under pressure from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to follow suit. Find the full story here.

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