The Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

This library continues to be a significant resource on the internet.  See the "history" drop down menu at the top of this page for access to scores of documents from throughout history.

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Digitized 1884-1901 Proceedings of the Society for the Study and Cure of Inebriety

The Society for the Study of Addiction has made available online these proceedings of it's progenitor. Here is the link.

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Virginia ABC Historical Records Transferred

On Aug 20th, the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board ceremoniously transferred its historical records beginning in 1934 to the Library of Virginia for archiving. The article on the Virginia ABC website also refers to earlier records from the Virginia Prohibition Commission.  Here is the link.

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Australian Alcohol Policy 2007 - Powerpoint Archives

Two years ago, a conference in Australia, Thinking Drinking II, produced an archive of more than 30 various powerpoint presentations on Alcohol Policy issues. The link is here.

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Baltimore Library of National Institute on Drug Abuse Closes

The closure or downsizing of libraries and archives useful for alcohol and drugs historical studies is a problem in the USA as well as in the UK. In the Spring of 2007 the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) closed its Baltimore library. What will happen to its collection is unclear. This closure and other closures and downsizings are discussed in the SALIS (Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists) News, vol. 26, no. 4, Winter 2007. For more, see here.

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Historical resources for UK temperance movement at Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation, London

The Alliance House Foundation previously was the United Kingdom Temperance Alliance and before that the United Kingdom Alliance. Materials from other anti-drink organizations have been deposited at the London office of the Institute of Alcohol Studies. Details below taken from Archon's online data.

Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation

ARCHON: Contact details

Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation


Reference code(s): GB 2242
Held at: Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation
Title: Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House Foundation
Date(s): 1843-1994
Level of description: Collection (fonds)
Extent: approximately 250 volumes and 40 boxes
Name of creator(s): Institute of Alcohol Studies |
United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) | 1853-
United Kingdom Temperance Alliance Ltd (UKTA) | 1942-2003
Alliance House Foundation | 2003

and related temperance organisations including:

National Temperance Federation | reconstituted 1936
National Commercial Temperance League | 1890s
National United Temperance Council | 1896
Parliamentary Temperance Committee | 1906
Band of Hope | 1847
International Order of Good Templars | 1852

Administrative/Biographical history: The United Kingdom Alliance was founded in 1853 in Manchester to work for prohibition of alcohol in the UK. This occurred in a context of support for the type of law passed by General Neal Dow in Maine, USA, in 1846, prohibiting the sale of intoxicants.

It was initiated by Nathaniel Card (1805-1856), an Irish cotton manufacturer and member of the Society of Friends. He had also been a member of the Manchester and Salford Temperance Society since 1852, and was interested in what was coming to be known as the Maine Law. At a private meeting at Card's house on 20 July 1852, the National League for the Total and Legal Suppression of Intemperance was formed. Other members included Alderman William Hervey of Salford and Joseph Brotherton MP (Salford). At the third meeting of the League a Provisional Committee was formed, based in Manchester.

Their objectives were openly political, to form and enlighten public opinion nationally, believing that the self-denying and benevolent efforts of temperance societies would never be able to end the liquor trade while legalised temptation to drink and get drunk was permitted. They aimed for total and immediate legislative suppression of traffic in intoxicating beverages.

The name of the League was changed on 14 Feb 1853, to the UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic in all Intoxicating Liquors, and Sir Walter C Trevelyan, became the first president in June the same year, with a General Council holding its first meeting on October.

A weekly newspaper Alliance News was begun in 1854, a journal of moral and social reform, and sold for one penny. Since 1980 it has been published as a bi-monthly magazine.

They were not a total abstinence society, and membership was open to teetotallers and drinkers alike, by 1858 membership had risen to 4500, and £3000 was raised by subscription for their work. Their chief public spokesman was Sir Wilfrid Lawson, MP (1829-1906).

In 1862, the London Union of Alliance members changed to the London Auxiliary of the Alliance, and appointed it's the first London agent, Rev John Hanson. The Alliance had occupied premised in Victoria St, London, until the decision was made to build a new headquarters. A site in Caxton St was purchased in 1937, the new building - Alliance House - being opened in 1938, at a cost of £75,000.

In 1942, the Alliance became a limited company, the UK Temperance Alliance Ltd. By the 1970s the main role of the Alliance was educational work and its interest had broadened to other areas of addiction besides alcohol (much of which is undertaken by the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS), a trading arm of the Alliance. In 2003, the UK Temperance Alliance was renamed the Alliance House Foundation.

National Temperance Federation (NTF) was reconstituted at its annual meeting in 1936, and declared its policy as the representation of every section of the temperance movement of approximately three million members of temperance organisations throughout the country.

National Commercial Temperance League (NCTL) was formed in the 1890s to appeal to the business and professional community in the economic and ethical field of thought. In 1953, it approached the UKA with a view to amalgamation.

National United Temperance Council (NUTC) was founded in July 1896 at a National Conference of County United Temperance Councils. The aim of both County and National UTCS was to consolidate support amongst various temperance organisations for temperance legislation and to promote the temperance movement in general.

Parliamentary Temperance Committee, consisting of members of parliament supporting temperance legislation was formed around 1906.

The Band of Hope was founded in 1847, with the aim of instructing boys and girls as to the properties of alcohol and the consequences of its consumption. Generally involving midweek meetings with music, slides, competitions and addresses on the importance of total abstinence. By 1855, there were so many local bands that a London Union was formed and in 1864, this was expanded to become the UK Band of Hope Union. By 1901 there were more than 28,000 societies with a total membership of more than 3.5 million children.

International Order of Good Templars (IOGT) was formed around 1852 in the United States of America, it spread to England around 1869, to Scotland and Ireland about 1970, and Wales 1871. Its object was to secure personal abstinence from the use of all intoxicating drinks as a beverage and the prohibition of the manufacture, importation and sale of intoxicating drink. Membership was achieved by signing a lifelong pledge of abstinence.

Scope and content/abstract: Records of the United Kingdom Alliance and related temperance organisations comprising:

UK Alliance records including minutes of the Executive of the UK Alliance 1871-1975 (1899 missing); minutes of the UK Alliance Finance Committee 1910-1921, 1924-1971; minutes of the UK Alliance Agency Committee 1908-1923; minutes of the UK Alliance Special Consultative Council, 1906-1932; minutes of the Hull Auxiliary of the UK Alliance 1859-1876; (34 vols)

Bound collection of printed UKA Documents [1850-1880] including letters, pamphlets, lectures, speeches, articles, reports, with index, (7 vols); printed papers including Alliance First Prize Essay `An Argument legal and historical concerning the Traffic in Strong Drink, Dr Frederick Richard Lees, 1857, third edition, revised, William Tweedie, London, (1 vol); 'No case against the United Kingdom Alliance and the Permissive Bill', reprint of pamphlet issued by the Executive Committee for the Provincial Licences Victuallers' Defence League entitled `The case against the United Kingdom Alliance and the Permissive Bill', [1872]; One Hundred objections to a Maine Law; being a sequel to the `argument' of the United Kingdom Alliance for the legislative prohibition of the Liquor Traffic, Dr Frederic Richard Lees, London, 1857; typescript copies of addresses at Centenary events held for the UK Alliance, 1953 (1 vol)

Administrative files of the UKA including Annual Meeting correspondence, 1955-1963; Centenary conference reports 1953; donations and subscriptions; accounts relating to Lord Arnold (bequest); financial arrangements relating to Joseph Hood Challenge Shield, 1922; correspondence relating to legacies; One Million Pledges Campaign Committee, 1966-1967; Working party on education on dangers of alcohol 1968; stock letter book 1930-1936; Sermon competition entries, 1955; press releases, 1953-1968; Conference in Wales 1954; summer school programmes 1963-1969; Essays on social drinking; UKA card campaign about drugs 1969; insurance; District Superintendent's report 1959-1960;

General Correspondence arranged alphabetically by subject, [1930s-1960s] (2 boxes); correspondence arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent, [1940s-1960s] (7 boxes);

Correspondence relating to the International Order of Good Templars; miscellaneous papers and articles including Accounts of the Bradford Temperance Hall Trust, 1928-1954, and Leicester Temperance Society and Band of Hope 1950s-1960s (3 boxes);

Papers relating to the Carlisle Scheme 1925-1934; and correspondence and papers relating to the Licensing Bill campaign 1961;

Publications including The Alliance News - monthly magazine of the UKA 1854-1991; The Alliance News Summary - weekly news sheet of the UKA, 1934-1943; Alliance Reports 1853-1915; 1982-1993 (incomplete); Alliance Temperance Almanac, 1907-1921l; Alliance Year Books 1910-1952, (incomplete); UKA London Auxiliary Reports 1883-1904; London Alliance Review quarterly issued by the London Auxiliary of the UKA, 1899-1902, 3 copies, one annotated with list of annual meetings, 1862-1906; United Kingdom Alliance Convention Report, 1887; Research Student Service bulletin, 1951-1972; (67 vols)

Papers relating to the National Temperance Federation including Correspondence and Articles of Association 1959-1966; Press releases and pamphlets, 1940-1960; accounts, 1960-1968; Conference paper, Oct 1943; and miscellaneous papers 1936-1939; (2 boxes)

Papers and letters relating to the Parliamentary Temperance Group, 1951-1966 (1 box);

Temperance Research and Information Centre (UKA) visitors book, 1975-1994;

Collection of scrapbooks containing national and local press cuttings generally arranged by subject, including scrapbook of election posters, advertising, newspapers cuttings relating to the Fulham Parliamentary election 1906; scrap book containing the printed articles by George B Wilson, 1920; cuttings of articles by Rev A Jeans Courtney 1921-1939; scrap book of H Cecil Heath (General Secretary of UKA), containing press cuttings, invitations, posters etc, 1926-1933 (2 vols); The Carlisle Scheme, 1916-1930, 2 vols; Carlisle experiment, 1924-1935; UKA Local Option Campaign 1925-1930; UKA Local Option Campaign, 1927-1930; Ban on temperance advertising 1954; Underage drinking, 1957, 1969; The Breathalyser 1967 (3 vols); Blennerhassett Report cuttings relating to drink driving, 1976; miscellaneous cuttings 1970s;

Collections of cartoons and prints relating to prohibition and temperance, including original sketches and printed copies, 1901-1966; World Temperance Federation display papers;

Advertising posters relating to temperance issues, the campaign for a constructive peace, conscription, Peace Pledge Union, and World Prohibition Federation public meetings (3 boxes);

Photographs and illustrations including print of the Second meeting of the UKA, Manchester, Oct 1854; painting of Clement O Boardman; drawing of Very Reverend Theobald Matthew of Cork; photographs of the Essex Union Temperance Council, 1921; Newcastle and Gateshead and District Band of Hope Union musical festival, 1906; North of England Temperance League, 40th Annual Conference, Darlington, 1898; Arthur Pease; Thomas Whittaker; Thomas Cairns; W Johnson; Wilfred Lawson, 1905; and John B Gough;

Records of the National Commercial Temperance League (NCTL) including minutes of 1894-1903; minutes of Executive Meetings, 1910-1953; minutes of the Literature and Publishing Committee 1924-1938; minutes of the General Purposes Committee, 1933-1953; minutes of the NCTL in amalgamation with the Strength of Britain Movement Ltd, London Division, Committee, 1923-1939; minutes of NCTL London Branch 1899-1910; NCTL Annual Conference - minutes and related printed papers etc 1904-1910; account books 1951-1969; scrapbook of press cuttings, printed matter, circulars, newsletters, rules, pamphlets, posters and invitations 1916-1928; (10 vols)

Records of the North of England Temperance League including Executive Committee minutes 1913-1923 (incorrectly labelled `old records and accounts from 1892-1921'), minutes of the Bazaar Sub-committee 1920; and press cuttings 1920s;

Records of the National United Temperance Council (NUTC) including minutes of the Executive Committee, General Committee, AGM, and London Committee, 1959-1975;

Records of the National Temperance Federation (NTF) including minutes 1924-1955, 1962-1971; and Report of Proceedings 1909-1918, 1932-1967; (6 vols)

Records of the Temperance Group of the Two Houses of Parliament (Parliamentary Temperance Group) comprising minutes, 1952-1970;

Records of the World Prohibition Federation visitors book 1925-1936; (1 vol)

United Temperance Association of Manchester and District minutes 1954-1969; (1 vol)

Epworth Temperance Hall Trust account book 1911-1958; (1 vol)

Band of Hope Union (of Newcastle on Tyne) minutes 1867-1920; (1 vol)

Templar Institute Roll and Record - Ordinary Course 1938-1979, and Roll of Fellows and Post Graduates 1898-1977; (2 vols)

Records of the International Order of Good Templars (IOGT) including minutes of the Grand Lodge of England and United Services of the IOGT, Herne Bay 1963-1966; minutes of the Lancashire District Lodge of the IOGT, 1929-1975; minutes of the Lincolnshire District Lodge 1901-1928; Register of Lodges of the IOGT, [1868-1920]; IOGT account book 1947-1977; (5 vols)

and printed volumes including Journal of Proceedings of the Right Worthy Grand Lodge of IOGT 1871-1899; Journal of Proceedings of IOGT of Scotland 1870-1880; Journal of Proceedings of IOGT of the World 1876-1885; Journal of Proceedings of IOGT of North America 1866-1870; Journal of Proceedings of IOGT of North America and England 1866-1872 ; Journal of Proceedings of IOGT of England 1870-1929; Journal of Proceedings of IOGT of Wales 1889-1899; and related material; (54 vols)

Publications relating to the temperance movement including United Kingdom Bank of Hope Union Reports 1876-1985; Band of Hope Annual 1902; British Temperance Advocate 1903-1914; Reports of Proceedings of the World Temperance Association 1876-1892; Church of England Temperance Magazine 1864; Devon and Cornwall Temperance Journal 1868-9; East Yorkshire Temperance Review 1847-1848; The Friend 1915-1916; Good Templar Watchword 1878-1892 (incomplete), 1925-1937; International Good Templar 1888-1928; International Record 1917-1968; Temperance Record 1872-1898 (incomplete); Temperance Magazine; Temperance Journal; Temperance Chronicle 1882-1883; Scottish Temperance Review 1846-1858; Rechabite Magazine 1843-1846; Rechabite Magazine and Juvenile Rechabite 1916-1970;

Personal papers of Walter Colbert comprising manuscript illustrated volumes by Walter Colbert titled James McCurrey Magazine, Aug 1901, and James McCurrey Magazine, Coronation Number, 1902;

Personal Papers of Mark H C Hayler (MHCH) 1920s-1960s comprising manuscript and typescript papers including articles, stories, drama scripts `The splendid gestures' and `The barrier of Kankoku', 1945; papers relating to his book Vision of a century - the history of the UKA; papers on the life of Robert Barclay (1648-1690); printed copies of journal `No traitor's Gait - the autobiography of Guy Aldred (1886-1963), 1955-1957; papers and letters on Prohibition and temperance including the International Order of Good Templars, 1929-1930; printed copies of songs `Serenity' and `Quiet things', words by MCHC and music by Herbert M Gildersleve; printed report of the International Convention of the World League against alcoholism, Toronto, Canada 1922; Files of papers and correspondence relating to the death of Guy Hayler (1850-1943); family letters, 1927, 1930s; cuttings of published articles by MHCH 1950s-1960s; scrap book of articles by MHCH published in The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, 1928; scrapbook of typescript papers relating to the World Prohibition Federation, Mark Hayler 1927-1929; scrap book of printed articles by various authors, [1910-1911]; new cuttings of articles by Mark Hayler compiled by Walter Trevelyan Hayler, 1902-1928 (2 vols); Papers relating to the World Prohibition Federation (founded 1909), of which Guy Hayler (father of Mark Hayler) was president and Mark Hayler, Secretary, including articles, addresses, press notices relating to George Bernard Shaw's lecture on temperance, Oct 1931; scrap book containing the official souvenir handbook of the World Prohibition Federation all nations bazaar, 1926 and 1931, [1935]; newspaper cuttings 1925-1932; (4 boxes)

Glass plate negatives attributed to Mark Hayler and probably used as illustrations for lectures and talks, [1920s-1930s] (6 boxes) of people, places, buildings, drawn illustrations.


Language/scripts of material: English
System of arrangement:
Conditions governing access: By appointment only. Contact the Librarian, Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House, 12 Caxton St, London, SW1H 0QS.
Conditions governing reproduction: Photocopies available.
Finding aids: Card catalogue of printed material.

Archival history: Unknown
Immediate source of acquisition: Unknown

Related material: : United Kingdom Temperance Alliance: Fulham Auxiliary papers, 1874, 1918-25 (Ref: DD/200) held at Hammersmith and Fulham Archives and Local History Centre; United Kingdom Temperance Alliance: Hull miscellaneous records, including correspondence and papers 1901-1931 (Ref: Bertram Fox Collection), held at Hull Central Library: Local Studies; Scottish Temperance League minutes, 1846-1935, (Ref: DC/19) and Records of the International Order of Good Templars: Grand Lodge of Scotland, (Ref: DC019/8; held by Glasgow University Archive Services; National Commercial Temperance League minutes 1919-1925, (Ref: D2663) held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland; National Temperance Federation records, 1919-1985, (Ref LMA/4005) and National United Temperance League, minutes, agendas, accounts, correspondence, membership records and papers, 1890-1984 (Ref: ACC/2435), held at the London Metropolitan archives; Papers of Guy Hayler(1850-1943) Secretary of the North of England Temperance League, held at University of Wisconsin at Madison Library; British Temperance League 19th cent-20th cent : records, tracts, journals and printed texts (Ref: Livesey Collection), University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
Publication note: The Vision of a Century 1853-1953, the United Kingdom Alliance in historical retrospect, Mark H C Hayler, FRGS, UKA, London, 1953

Archivist's note: Sources: Historical Manuscripts Commission's On-Line National Register of Archives; Public Records Office Access to archives online database; The Vision of a Century 1853-1953, the United Kingdom Alliance in historical retrospect, Mark H C Hayler, FRGS, UKA, London, 1953; Drink and British politics since 1830, a study in policy making, John Greenaway, Palgrave, Macmillan, 2003; Drink in great Britain 1900-1979, by Gwylmore Prys Williams and George Thompson Brake, B Edsall and Co, London, 1980l History of the International Order of Good Templars, its rise and progress, William W Turnbull, 1851-1901, Jubilee volume, 1901.
Compiled by Alison Field as part of the London Signpost Survey Project.
Rules or conventions: Compiled in compliance with General International Standard Archival Description, ISAD(G), second edition, 2000; National Council on Archives Rules for the Construction of Personal Place and Corporate Names 1997.
Date(s) of descriptions: September 2003

Alcohol education | Health education
Alcoholism | Addiction | Social problems
Social reform | Social policy

Personal names

Corporate names
Alliance House Foundation | 2003
Band of Hope | 1847
Institute of Alcohol Studies |
International Order of Good Templars | 1852
National Commercial Temperance League | 1890s
National Temperance Federation | reconstituted 1936
National United Temperance Council | 1896
Parliamentary Temperance Committee | 1906
United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) | 1853-
United Kingdom Temperance Alliance Ltd (UKTA) | 1942-2003


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American Memory

Find The Library of Congress' American Memory website here.  Its mission is as follows:

American Memory provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. It is a digital record of American history and creativity. These materials, from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions, chronicle historical events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America, serving the public as a resource for education and lifelong learning.

(Thanks to Dave Trippel for the link.)

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Bredesen nixes tax hike on booze and smokes

Memphis Business Journal reports (20 June 2005) that Tennessee's smokers and drinkers got a break Monday, when Gov. Phil Bredesen vetoed legislation that would have increased taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Find the full story here.

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Where do we draw the line on drug issue?

The Scotsman reports (14 June 2005) that those involved in trafficking class A drugs in Scotland, even at the lower end of the chain of supply, can expect and will receive a custodial sentence unless there are exceptional mitigating circumstances, the court reaffirmed. Find the full story here.

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Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS) is an international association of individuals and organizations with special interests in the exchange and dissemination of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) information.  Their website can be found here.

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