Drug cartel financed Kyrgyz Revolution

NOVOSTI, the Russian News and Information Agency, reports (31 March 2005) that rumors that a drug cartel funded what's being called the "Tulip Revolution" have been circulating in Bishkek. It's no secret that the government building was stormed and taken by brigades from the southern city of Osh, a major transshipment point for Afghan heroin. Locals claim that before the assault, those who refused to take drugs were treated to vodka laced with heroin. Officials from the Kyrgyz drug control agency refused to comment. Find the full story here.

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Child alcoholism has swept Kyrgyzstan

A report issued by the Kyrgyzstan Information Gateway on 21 February 2005 confirms that child alcoholism has swept Kyrgyzstan. A 7-year old boy buying vodka has become quite a common thing in Kyrgyzstan society. Nobody, however, knows how to get rid of the phenomenon. And the only specialized rehabilitation centre for children has been closed down. Find the full report here.

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