Scottish and Newcastle defending its Russian beer market

The Scotsman reports (26 April 2005) that S&N shareholders will cheer once again on news that, where growth in beer sales is sluggish throughout Western Europe, in Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltic states and Kazakhstan the trend remains sharply upward. Leading the charge is BBH, the S&N joint venture with Carlsberg, described by one City analyst as "the only sexy part of their beer business." Baltic Beverages Holdings holds three of the top six brands in Russia, amounting to 34 per cent of total market share. Since its foundation in 1991, the Baltika brand has intertwined itself with Russia’s newly prosperous lifestyle. Find the full story here.

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Afghanistan About to Become a Drug State

Arab News reports (3 March 2005) that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan increased further in 2004, posing a threat to the country’s stability, and has reared its head in Pakistan after a long absence, the International Narcotics Control Board said here yesterday. Find the full story here.

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Smoking ban hits Gallaher's Irish sales

Rachel Stevenson reports for The Independent (3 March 2005) that Gallaher, which makes Silk Cut, Benson & Hedges and Mayfair cigarettes, has won market share in Eastern Europe during 2004 but has seen volumes drop nearly 10 per cent in Ireland, a year on from the smoking ban. Find the full story here.

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Focus on the rise in juvenile alcoholism in Kazakhstan reported in 2003 that the number of juvenile alcoholics in Kazakhstan is rapidly increasing despite the state's efforts to curb the nation's alcohol drinking habit. Find the full story here.

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