Selling coffee and tea at the side of the road in Jordan

Aziz Suwair, aged 20, makes and sells about 300 cups of coffee and 50 cups of tea a day at his portable roadside shop about ten miles from Jordan's capital Amman. He works at his little cafe or sleeps at a nearby shack except for a brief home visit every couple of weeks. For the Washington Post story, see here.

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Saudi ambassador serves alcohol

The Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Ankara, El Husseini broke with the Islamic laws of his country and served his guests alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks were served at a welcome dinner held by El Husseini and his wife (who does not wear a headscarf), for the new arrival of the ambassadors of Yemen, Qatar, Algeria and Palestine in Ankara. In yet another break with the Saudi Islamic tradition, men and women sat and dined together.

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Doctors call for fatwa on smoking

A group of British Muslim doctors has called on Islamic leaders to issue religious rulings against smoking as part of efforts to stamp out the habit.

The Australian reports.

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Hamas special brew

The future looks bleak for brewers in Palestinian territories as hardline Islamists shut down bars.  At the only brewery in the Palestinian territories, though, they believe they can see the future. And under the government of the Islamic movement, Hamas, it is alcohol-free and green.

The London Times reports.

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