Coming of age birthday cards and drinking culture (article)

Hilda Loughran, "Eighteen and Celebrating: Birthday Cards and Drinking Culture," Journal of Youth Studies 13/6 (December 2010): 631-645.  Based on Irish card stores.

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Father Mathew, temperance, and the Irish in lowcountry South Carolina (article)

Paul Townsend, "Mathewite Temperance in Atlantic Perspective," The Irish in the Atlantic World, ed. David T. Gleeson [The Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World] (University of South Carolina Press, 2010).

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Drunkenness and the Irish question in Liverpool (article)

David Beckingham, "The Irish Question and the Question of Drunkenness: Catholic Loyalty in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool," Irish Geography 42/2 (July 2009): 125-144.  1861-1873.  Includes Father James Nugent's Catholic Total Abstinence League.  Based on his Cambridge doctoral dissertation (2009), "The Regulation of Drunkenness in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool."  See also his article "Geographies of Drink Culture in Liverpool: Lessons from the Drink Capital of Nineteenth-Century England," Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 15/3 (2008): 305-313.

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Irish war on drugs (book)

Paul O'Mahony, The Irish War on Drugs: The Seductive Folly of Prohibition (Manchester UP, 2009).

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Black-market cigarettes

Tim Elfrink wrote this dramatic summary of the recent history of cigarette smuggling as a source of terrorist income for the Miami New Times.

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Catholic temperance societies in Toronto in the 1870s (article)

This is an old but neglected article available as a PDF text on the Internet.

Brian P. Clarke, "'Heroic Virtue': The Catholic Temperance Crusade in Toronto during the 1870s," CCHA, Historical Studies 54 (1987): 57-67.  Irish Catholic women joined parish confraternities but not Irish Catholic men who made the tavern the center of their social life.  Priests hoped to break the grip of the tavern with a temperance crusade.

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Irish pub (book review)

In the New York Times, James Oliver Curry reviews Bill Barich, A Pint of Plain: Tradition, Change, and the Fate of the Irish Pub (Walker), here.  There also is a link to what seems to be the historical part of the book, chapter 4, here.  This seems to be a St. Patrick's Day choice for a review, and Curry is more interested in the topic than impressed by Barich's take on it.

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The Pub and the Irish Nation (article)

Bradley Kadel,  “The Pub and the Irish Nation," in Kalaga, Wojciech H., Rachwat, Tadeusz, eds., Feeding Culture: The Pleasures and Perils of Appetite (Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang, 2005), 69-75.

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Billion-dollar brewery postponed

As a result of the economic downturn, Diegeo PLC has postponed plans for building a new Guinness brewery (that would have cost nearly a billion dollars) in a Dublin suburb.  For details, see here.

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Drunken Irish widows (article)

M. Alison Kibler, "Pigs, Green Whiskers, and Drunken Widows: Irish Nationalists and the 'Practical Censorship' of McFadden's Row of Flats in 1902 and 1903," Journal of American Studies 42 (2008): 489-514.

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