Tea in Qajar Iran (article)

Willem Floor, "Tea consumption and imports into Qajar Iran," Studia Iranica (2004): 47-111.

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Iran clamps down on coffee shops

Four bookshops in Tehran this week closed their coffee shops after receiving a 72-hour ultimatum from Amaken-e Omoomi, a state body governing the retail trade. The order has led to the closure of the cafe in one of the city's best-known bookshops, Nashr-e Sales, which has hosted reading sessions by writers, including the Nobel prize-winning Turkish author, Orhan Pamuk, and become a popular meeting point for literary types.

Amaken justified the closures by declaring that the coffee shops constituted an illegal "mixing of trades". However, critics suspect the move is aimed at restricting the gathering of intellectuals and educated young people.

The Guardian reports.

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Drugs and stimulants in Iranian history (book)

Rudi Matthee, The Pursuit of Pleasure: Drugs and Stimulants in Iranian History, 1500-1900 (2005). Opium, wine, coffee, tea.

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Coffee Republic and the New York City deli

The British-Iranian Hashemi family incorporates features of the New York City deli in its Coffee Republic chain. In addition to coffee houses in Britain, Coffee Republic has outlets in Bulgaria and Turkey and plans to enter the coffee house market in Bahrain and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf region.

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Illicit booze kills 10 in Iran holy city

Ten people have died after drinking homemade hooch in a holy city in Iran, where the consumption of all alcohol is banned, the Kayhan newspaper reported on Sunday.  Read more here.

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from coffee to tea in Iran (article)

Rudi Matthee, “From Coffee to Tea: Shifting Patterns of Consumption in Qajar Iran," Journal of World History 7.2 (1996): 199-230

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taxing opium in Iran, 1921-41 (article)

B. Hansen, "Learning to Tax: the Political Economy of the Opium Trade in Iran, 1921-1941," Journal of Economic History 61/1 (2001): 95-113.

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Iran finds 7,000-year-old liquor habit is tough to break

For 27 years, Iran's Islamic regime has faced an uphill battle to rid the country of bootleg liquor. But even after a recent law increased the punishment for drinking to 74 lashes, a hefty fine and imprisonment of three months to a year, drinking is widespread.

The IHT reports.

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'A few months ago I came to Iran and I wanted to take back some drugs, so I came up with this idea'

An American-Iranian national has been arrested in Tehran for trying to fly out of the country with 11kg of opium hidden in toffees, the governmental Iran newspaper said on Thursday.

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Smokers kick the habit, but tobacco firms buck the trend

The smoking bans that have been introduced in countless countries around the world would presumably bode ill for the global tobacco industry, yet shares in major cigarette companies have performed well over the past year, and some are trading near all-time highs. The Independent explains why.

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