Christmas without alcohol in Finland

The Friends of Temperance organized the campaign, "Give Your Child a Sober Christmas," in 1998 to fight the Finnish tradition of heavy holiday drinking.  For more, see here.  A thank you to Dave Trippel for this tip.

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Finnish wine can't be sold

As a result of global warming, wine is being produced in unusual places such as Finland's Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, for the person producing the wine, European Union farm subsidy legislation prevents him from selling his beverage. He is allowed to give away his wine. Fortunately, it is a hobby for him and not a business. For more, see here.

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Finland as world's coffee capital?

Finland may be the world's coffee capital as Finns drink even more coffee per capita than their Swedish neighbors. Young Finns also are big consumers of caffeinated energy drinks. By the way, the favorite coffee in Finland is lightly roasted.

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Finnish Alcohol and Drug Research Society (article)

Mikko Salasuo and Hanna Kuusi, "The Finnish Alcohol and Drug Research Society since 1960—an ‘agora’ of the information age," Addiction 102/5 (May2007): 693-695.

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Finland's alcohol monopoly, Alko (book review)

Jyrki Iivonen reviews the 75th anniversary history of Alko, Finland's alcohol monopoly, Alkon historia by Dr. Martti Häikiö. For more, see the 13 April 2007 issue of Helsingin Sanomat here.

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Finnish-American temperance

A Finnish-American organization, the Uljas Koitto (Noble Endeavor) Temperance Society, formed in 1890, still meets in Quincy, Massachusetts. It is briefly mentioned here. Since few Finns live in Quincy today, non-Finns are welcome to join.

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Alcohol becomes leading killer in Finland

Alcohol is now the leading killer of Finnish adults, with consumption reaching an all-time high last year in the Nordic nation, officials said Friday.

Find the full story here.

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Alcohol deaths in Finland

According to AP, in 2005 alcohol killed more adult Finns than heart disease or any form of cancer. Alcohol consumption in 2005 set a record for Finland and 14% more than in 2003 when the government slashed alcohol taxes to discourage "booze cruises" to Russia and Estonia where alcoholic drink is cheap. For more, see here.

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Court rules Europe's 'booze cruises' may continue

European "booze cruises" were saved Thursday by a ruling of the European Union's highest court, but consumers in high-duty countries like Britain and Sweden had their hopes of buying less-expensive alcohol on the Internet dashed.

The IHT reports.

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Finns drink the most coffee

Finns drink twice as much coffee per capita as do Italians. For these and other statistics, see here.

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