"Energy shots" stimulate sales of power drinks

Expensive, bad-tasting, two-ounce "energy shots" are the new fad in power drinks.  For more, see the New York Times article here.

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Father of energy drinks dies

Dr. J. Robert Cade has died at age 80. In 1966 at the University of Florida he invented the first and best known energy drink, Gatorade. For more, see here.

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Cadbury-Schweppes news

Cadbury-Schweppes has made the business news for its recent buy-up of Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Bottling Group. Ireland Online is one outlet reporting details today. Cadbury, now "the world's biggest selling confectioner," is now poised to "demerger" their drinks business from their sweets business. Their drinks now include ownership or licensure of Deja Blue water, Big Red and Monster energy drinks, Sunkist and Snapple, a bottled sweet tea.

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