How ecstasy harms

The Los Angeles Times explores how the drug ecstasy (MDMA), popular at LA raves (dance parties), harms.  For more, see here.

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Ecstasy and Brazilian teenagers

Brazilian police have reacted harshly against a new kind of drug-dealer, middle and upper-class youths peddling ecstasy.  For the New York Times story, see here.

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Social history of the American tavern, 1750-1820s (book in progress)

Nancy L. Struna, professor of American studies, University of Maryland, research in progress tentatively entitled, "Transforming the Ordinary: A Social History of Taverns, 1750-1820s." For details, see here.

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Meth-laced ecstasy common in American schools near Canadian border

Meth-laced ecstasy has become common in American schools in the states near the Canadian border. Although the drugs are smuggled from Canada into the USA, the ultimate source for the drugs appears to be China and India. For more, see here.

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Youthful abuse of cough and cold medicines to get high

According to a 2006 study, 3.1 million Americans aged 12 to 25 have used cough and cold medicines to get high, a figure much higher for this age group than those who used methamphetamines. The same study showed that for this age group 82% have used marijuana and nearly half have used inhalants or hallucingens such as LSD or Ecstasy. For more, see here.

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Allen Ginsberg and the 'politics of ecstasy'

An essay by Tobias Peterson for Popmatters entitled "Allen Ginsberg: The Politics of Ecstasy" can be found here.

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Blizzard of drugs from Canada

In the last decade, Canadian organized-crime groups, particularly Vietnamese, have become a major supplier of high-quality marijuana and potent ecstasy tablets in U.S. markets, according to reports by the U.S. and Canadian governments.

Read more here.

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Ecstasy in Australia

Australia is a leader in consumption of the so-called party drug Ecstasy. About three per cent of the population use it fairly regularly. A hundred thousand pills are consumed each weekend. For more, see the article in the (Melbourne) Age, 7 January 2006, here.

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The Ecstasy and the agony

As the first wave of Ecstasy users reach their forties, research suggests that the drug can cause long-term brain damage.

The Times (of London) reports.

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Drug-taking BBC presenter

According to the (London) Observer, 8 Oct. 2006, the BBC has defended its star presenter Graham Norton who recently admitted in a magazine interview that he has taken "loads of drugs." For more, see here.

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