The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs: An Interdisciplinary Journal (SHAD)

Journal Description

What began in 1979-80 as the Alcohol and Temperance History Group Newsletter, and later became the more ambitious Social History of Alcohol Review, is now the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs: An Interdisciplinary Journal (SHAD). The most recent change reflects the increasing interest in drug history, the overlap between alcohol and drug history, and the general expansion in the scope of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society.

The journal will publish material on all aspects of alcohol and drugs history. It will deal with alcohol and drugs as institutions in society as well as how people, cities, and nations have responded to their presence and influence. In short, it will explore the changing character and significance of alcohol and drugs in cultures ranging from the ancient, medieval, modern, and postmodern eras.

Articles will examine the alcohol and drugs experience among individuals or groups and within national or transnational contexts. Articles may focus on either alcohol history or drugs history or both. The journal encourages comparative articles with an eye on establishing historically-rooted connections between alcohol and drugs topics as well as related disciplines.

The journal does not set out to dispute disciplinary paradigms, but merely to use interdisciplinarity as an interface between research in the humanities, social sciences, and cognitive sciences in the interests of collaboration and of broadening the understanding of alcohol and drug-related history. The patterns that emerge, though, are expected to transcend traditional disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

Articles will present new research, new interpretations, and new approaches, while others yet will reflect on existing scholarship, contemporary developments in the field, and the research process in general.

The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs will feature articles, critiques, reflection essays, research notes, review essays, and book reviews that relate the historical study of alcohol and drugs to fields across academic disciplines. The journal’s editorial and advisory board will be composed of an international community of scholars. It will accept English-language contributions from all countries.