U.S. Drinks Conference 2010

The conference Agenda for Oct 12 & 13, 2010, in NYC reveals what might be considered important in marketing alcoholic beverages today. Here is the link. Panel topics that exist within a historical context include "Trends", "Social Media Marketing" (2 workshops), "Regulation", and "Importation".

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CFP: The History of Alcohol and Drugs in Modern South Asia (18th—20th Century)

We want to invite scholars working on the production, consumption and trafficking, as well as on the cultural representations and political regulations of mind-altering substances in South Asia to paprticipate in our panel at next year's 21. European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies (26.07.2010 - 29.07.2010, University of Bonn, Germany. For a short description of the topics we would like to discuss please see the conference website: http://www.ecmsas.org/

and contact us:

Harald Fischer-Tiné, Department of History, Swiss Federal Intitute of Technology: harald.fischertine@gess.ethz.ch <mailto:harald.fischertine@gess.ethz.ch>
Jana Tschurenev, Department of History, Swiss Federal Intitute of Technology: jana.tschurenev@gmw.gess.ethz.ch <mailto:jana.tschurenev@gmw.gess.ethz.ch>

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The 5th International Conference on the History of Drugs and Alcohol: The Pathways to Prohibition

The 5th International Conference on the History of Drugs and Alcohol: The Pathways to Prohibition,

26-28th June 2009, CSHHH, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

When John Shanks acquired the Barrhead pottery company to establish his “sanitary engineering workshop” in the late nineteenth century, the decision was more than a simple business one. The man who was to become the President of the Barrhead Evangelist Association chose the town, which bordered Glasgow, as it had the reputation of having the highest number of pubs per head of population. Workers had to sign the temperance pledge to ensure employment. Shanks was following in the footsteps of temperance campaigner Sir William Collins, Glasgow book publisher and Lord Provost who earned the nickname “Water Willie”. In Britain, however, the impact of such campaigners remained local, and only those who adopted the global/colonial platform against intoxicants met with success. Such limited influence paved the ground for the British anti-intoxicant policy of the twentieth century which rejected prohibition for the medical solution, ultimately another localised response to local problems. The conference is seeking papers on the broad subject of the ‘pathways to prohibition’, the underlying motives governing policy and reactions to policymaking across the globe. Proposed papers or panels can be on any topic in the history of drugs and alcohol, but some issues to be considered include the ways in which the cultures of consumption evolved to meet the challenge of prohibition; the impact upon previously good citizens, including distillers and brewers, whose activities were now criminalised; the changing images of consumption under prohibition policies; the construction of consumption which underlay decisions to instigate prohibition or reject it; the effectiveness of the merging of local initiatives with national and international politics of prohibition.

Abstracts of proposed papers (no more than 500 words long) or of proposed panels should be sent by email, fax or post by November 15th 2008 to Dr Patricia Barton CSHHH Dept of History University of Strathclyde 16 Richmond Street Glasgow G1 1XQ Scotland E: p.barton@strath.ac.uk Tel: 44 (0)141 548 2932/ Fax: 44 (0)141 552 8509

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Alcoholism (historical and social aspects) conference in Romania, August 28-29, 2009

Call for Papers:  Alcoholism - Historical and Social Issues
The National Museum of Unification, Alba Iulia, „Iuliu Maniu” Center for Political and Historical Studies, University of Alba Iulia, is pleased to announce the organizing of a conference with the title 
Alcoholism – historical and social issues” 
The aim of this conference is to discuss the different aspects of alcoholism around the world, and also to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue between different branches of science (history, anthropology, sociology, psychology or medicine), and to promote a comparative analysis between eastern and western European patterns of alcoholism.   At the same time, the conference is intended to encourage the improvement of alcoholism studies in Romania
The conference will be held on 28-29 August 2009 at the National Museum of Unification, Alba Iulia, Romania.
Selected papers from the conference will be revised for publication in the form of an edited volume.
The cost of accommodations (all the meals, hotel rooms, official reception of the conference) will be covered by the organizers, excepting the travel expenses for participants.
Please send an abstract not exceeding 250 words with your paper proposal to Dr. Marius Rotar, at mrotar2000@yahoo.com
Deadline: 15 May 2009

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Conference Announcement

Global Approaches: The 4th International Conference on the History of Alcohol and Drugs, August 10-12, 2007, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

This conference has attracted more than 50 speakers on the history of alcohol and drugs across the globe including Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  There will be two keynote addresses. Robin Room, of the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre in Australia, and a recent winner of a lifetime achievement award from the American Public Health Association will give a paper entitled "'Justly anxious respecting the moral and material consequences': the proliferation of international control regimes for psychoactive substances."  Zheng Yangwen, University of Manchester, and the author of The Social Life of Opium in China will give a paper on "The Many Biographies of Opium." 

Further information about the conference, including registration information and a full programme is available here.

The conference has been funded by: The University of Guelph History Department and College of Arts, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Alcohol and Drug History Society.

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Drinks and drugs at North American Conference on British Studies, 17-19 Nov. 2006

A number of papers related to drinks and drugs will be presented at the meeting of the North American Conference on British Studies, in conjunction with the Northeast Conference on British Studies, 17-19 November 2006, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Intoxicating Drink in Early Modern English Society: Three Commodities
(Chair and commentator: Keith Wrightson, Yale University)

Wine and Citizenship in Restoration England (Philip Withington, University of Leeds)

Beyond Queen Gin: Spirits in the Eighteenth Century (John Chartres, University of Leeds)

"Most Cherishing to Poor Labouring People": Beer as a Foodstuff in Early Modern England (Craig Muldrew, Queen's College, Cambridge University)

Other sessions: 

Non-Governmental Organizations, the State and Illegal Drugs, 1967-1977 (Alex Mold, London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Social Drinking and Disaffection during the Interregnum (Caroline Boswell, Brown University)

British Planters, Cheap Tea and New Markets: Creating a Taste for Indian Tea in North America and South Asia (Erika Rappaport, University of California, Santa Barbara)

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Drink Up! Liquid Refreshments in Early America, 1750-1850 (Symposium)

A Symposium on American Social History and Material Culture (April 1, 2005). Drink Up! explores the variety of liquid refreshments available in early American homes and taverns, who was drinking what, when and where, and how they were processed, procured, stored and served.

The social, technological and economic history associated with beverages in early American homes and taverns is examined in topics such as home and commercial beverage production, consumption patterns, imported beverages and trade. Discussions also investigate the material culture of table wares and containers in which beverages were stored, prepared and consumed.

Eleanor Breen, Mount Vernon
Frank Clark, Colonial Williamsburg
Ellen Denker, Independent Historian
David Hildebrand, Colonial Music Institute
Justin Sarafin, Monticello

Exhibits & Demonstrations:
Chocolate Making ­ Tavern Music - Artifacts - Reproductions

Advance Registration Required by March 21st:
Cost: $65
Information: Phone (703) 631-1429 or email: susan.clark@fairfaxcounty.gov

Sponsored by:
Fairfax County Park Authority & George Mason University ­ History Department

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The Impact of Drug Policies on Women & Families Conference

The goal of the conference is to begin a national dialogue among lawmakers, social services and criminal justice professionals, and advocates on the impact of drug policies on women and their families.  Location: New York.  Conference Date: 17 March 2005.  Contact: Jennifer O'Neal.  Email: onealje@verizon.net

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Conferences, 1984-2003

Several major conferences have been in held in recent decades related to the interests of ADHS.  In 1984 (Berkeley, California) and 1993 (London, Ontario) there were conferences on the social history of alcohol.  In 2003 (Glasgow, Scotland) there was a conference on drugs and empire.  In 2004 (London, Ontario) there was a conference on drugs and alcohol in history. 

In 1987 the University of Florida sponsored a small conference or seminar on alcohol history.  In addition the ADHS (or its predecessor the ATHG) frequently has organized sessions at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association.

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Alcohol and Drugs History Conference

Here is a link to the online program for the International Conference of Alcohol and Drugs in History of May 2004 held at Huron University College, London, Ontario.  The conference marked the beginning of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society. 

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