Alcohol and the Slave Trade in West Africa, 1400-1850

Charles Ambler, “Alcohol and the Slave Trade in West Africa, 1400-1850.” Drugs, labor, and colonial expansion. Ed. William Jankowiak and Daniel Bradburd. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2003, pp. 73 - 88.

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Cocoa in Ivory Coast

For the AP, Todd Pitman reports on the massive cocoa sales which finance most everything--including both sides of Ivory Coast's civil war.

On the streets of this skyscraper-lined West African metropolis, tension and rumors of an imminent return to war are always thick in the air — and so too, is the sweet smell of chocolate. Despite more than half a decade of coups, fighting and failed peace deals, a $2 billion a year cocoa industry is a booming in Ivory Coast, producing more of the raw material for chocolate than any other country on the planet.

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Harvesting, Marketing Starts for Cocoa Crop

Forbes reports (8 April 2005) that the harvesting and marketing of Ivory Coast's cocoa crop has started, with an above-average take expected despite the conflict that keeps the world's largest cocoa producer divided between a rebel-held north and loyalist south. Find the full story here.

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