Whiskey more popular than brandy in South Africa

Although South Africa is the world's fifth largest brandy producer and in contrast imports nearly all of its whiskey, brandy is easily outsold by the 300 brands of whiskey available in the country. For the battle between the two spirits, see here.

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Wine and brandy trade between France and the Dutch (book)

Henriette de Bruyn Kops, A Spirited Exchange: The Wine and Brandy Trade Between France and the Dutch Republic in its Atlantic Framework, 1600-1650 (Brill, 2007).

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Very, very expensive brandy as a trophy for the super-rich

In a Washington Post, 11 October 2007, George F. Will archly describes the frustration of the super-rich when the merely well-off purchase goods and services that once were for the super-rich only. "Hennessy understands the logic of trophy assets: It is selling a limited batch of 100 bottles of cognac for $200,000 a bottle."

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'My First Taste of Alcohol at Age 7'

The BBC's archive of World War II memories, written by the public, includes a brief acount about a seven-year-old Londoner's first taste of alcohol - a teaspoon of brandy in milk - given to the child by her parents one night while seeking refuge from the bombings in a brick shelter at the bottom of the family garden.

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French cognac and wine found in Macedonian fields

French soldiers fighting in Macedonia in 1916 left behind large quantities of wine and cognac. Local farmers are still discovering bottles. Although the wine is past its prime, the cognac has improved with over 90 years of aging. For more, see here.

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Rum as the new cognac

In the world of spirits, aged rum has become the fashionable after dinner drink, the new cognac. For more, see here.

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Cognac in Hong Kong (article)

Josephine Smart, "Globalization and Modernity--A Case Study of Cognac Consumption in Hong Kong," Anthropologica 46 (2004): 219-229.

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High-end brandy popular in South Africa

For many years popular in South Africa, brandy sales have been growing rapidly since 2004 especially at the high-end. For more, see here.

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wine-distilling and spirits (book)

C. Anne Wilson, Water of life: a history of wine-distilling and spirits from 500 BC to AD 2000 (Totnes, Devon, UK: Prospect, 2006).

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history of Cognac (book)

Salvatore Calabrese, Cognac: a Liquid History (London: Cassell, 2006).  Paperback reprint of book first published in 2001.

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