Books from WHO and PAHO on Alcohol and Harm

Unhappy Hours: Alcohol and Partner Aggression in the Americas, by (Editors) Kahryn Graham; Sharon Bernards; Myriam Munne; Sharon Wilsnack, June, 2009, The Pan American Health Organization, "brings to light evidence of alcohol's impact on partner aggression from 10 countries in the Americas (Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, and the United States)"

Alcohol and Injuries, Emergency Department Studies in an International Perspective, May, 2010,
The World Health Organization "synthesizes the results of studies from a number of hospital emergency departments conducted in different cultural settings, including the World Health Organization s Collaborative Study on Alcohol and Injuries."

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Chocolate in Mesoamerica (book)

Cameron L. McNeil, ed., Chocolate in Mesoamerica: A Cultural History of Cacao [Maya Studies] (University Press of Florida, 2007).  

Table of Contents:

Introduction : The biology, antiquity, and modern uses of the chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao L.) / Cameron L. McNeil -- Cacao and its relatives in South America : an overview of taxonomy, ecology, biogeography, chemistry, and ethnobotany / Nathaniel Bletter and Douglas C. Daly -- The domestication and distribution of Theobroma cacao L. in the neotropics / Nisao Ogata, Arturo Gómez-Pompa, and Karl A. Taube -- The jaguar tree (Theobroma bicolor Bonpl.) / Johanna Kufer and Cameron L. McNeil -- The determination of cacao in samples of archaeological interest / W. Jeffrey Hurst -- The history of the word for 'cacao' and related terms in ancient Meso-America / Terrence Kaufman and John Justeson -- Brewing distinction : the development of cacao beverages in formative Mesoamerica / John S. Henderson and Rosemary A. Joyce -- Cacao in ancient Maya religion : first fruit from the maize tree and other tales from the underworld / Simon Martin -- The language of chocolate : references to cacao on classic Maya drinking vessels / David Stuart -- The social context of Kakaw drinking among the ancient Maya / Dorie Reents-Budet -- The use and representation of cacao during the classic period at Copan, Honduras / Cameron L. McNeil, W. Jeffrey Hurst, and Robert J. Sharer -- Cacao in greater Nicoya : ethnohistory and a unique tradition / Larry Steinbrenner -- The good and evil of chocolate in colonial Mexico / Manuel Aguilar-Morena -- The Itza Maya control over cacao : politics, commerce, and war in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / Laura Caso Barrera and Mario Aliphat F. -- Cacao production, tribute, and wealth in sixteenth-century Izalcos, El Salvador / William R. Fowler -- Soconusco cacao farmers past and present : continuity and change in an ancient way of life / Janine Gasco -- Traditional cacao use in modern Meosamerica / Cameron L. McNeil -- Cacao, gender, and the northern Lacandon god house / Timothy W. Pugh -- Food for the rain gods : cacao in Ch'orti' ritual / Johanna Kufer and Michael Heinrich -- Cacao in the Yukatek Maya healing ceremonies of Don Pedro Ucán Itza / Betty Bernice Faust and Javier Hirose López -- From chocolate pots to Maya gold : Belizean cacao farmers through the ages / Patricia A. McAnany and Satoru Murata.

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Body Image, and Eating Disorders in San Andrés, Belize (article)

Anderson-Fye, Eileen P. 2004. "A ‘Coca-Cola’ Shape: Cultural Change, Body Image, and Eating Disorders in San Andrés, Belize." Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry 28, no. 4: 561-595.

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Chocolate take-over

The Times Online reports (13 May 2005) that as an organic chocolate company set up to support the Mayan Indians of Belize, Green & Black’s became a byword for ethical and enterprising business. But the firm, which has developed a cult following for its upmarket confectionery, faced accusations of selling out to big business after it agreed to be bought by Cadbury Schweppes. Find the full story here.

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