Coffee Republic and the New York City deli

The British-Iranian Hashemi family incorporates features of the New York City deli in its Coffee Republic chain. In addition to coffee houses in Britain, Coffee Republic has outlets in Bulgaria and Turkey and plans to enter the coffee house market in Bahrain and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf region.

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The government of Bahrain has passed a new law to combat shabu,  listing it as a "high category dangerous drug."   

"We have been concerned about the drug for some time. It is very dangerous, probably worse than heroin and cocaine,” said Brigadier Tariq Mubarak Bin Daena, Deputy Chief of Public Security at the Crime Detection and Forensic Science Directorate. “It is destroying people.  It harms the nerve systems, users can go crazy.”

Shabu is the street name for metamphetamine hydrochloride, also called the “poor man’s cocaine.”  The drug is concocted from cocaine and appears in crystallised form like any ordinary powder.  It is also referred to as a “speed drug” because it suppresses the appetite.  Shabu users can become hyperactive and go for days without sleep and food.

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Drugs and oranges

A Bahraini man has been arrested trying to deliver a bag of oranges stuffed with 8.4gm of heroin to the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID), Adliya. He was trying to deliver it to someone working at the CID, according to a Public Prosecution spokesman.

The drugs were discovered during a routine check, but the man carrying them claimed he had been handed the package to deliver by someone else. During questioning he said he has never used drugs and did not know that the oranges contained heroin.

Gulf Daily News reports.

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Illegal bars in Bahrain

A number of restaurants have been closed down and many have received stern warning from Bahrain's Tourism Affairs section for selling alcohol without serving food, the Minister of Information, Dr Mohammed Abdulghafar, has said.

He said that these restaurants had violated the tourism regulations by applying for restaurant licences while the intention was to run bars. The minister said the ministry was determined to be more tough on violators and was negotiating with certain legal bodies to come up with punishments that could force tourism companies to stick to the laws.

The Bahrain Tribune Daily reports.

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Huge quantities of drugs seized in Bahrain

Gulf Daily News reports (11 March 2005) that huge quantities of drugs have been seized over the past two years in Bahrain, the Interior Minister has revealed. Find the full story here.

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Bahrain rioters hit streets, torch cars of Arab 'playboy' boozers

World reported on 22 March 2004 that Shi'ite attacks against foreigners are now targeting 'playboys' from neighboring Arab states who come to Bahrain for the more readily available alcohol. Western diplomatic sources said that recent street violence appears to have shifted its focus from Westerners to Gulf Arab nationals who use Bahrain as the watering hole of the region. The kingdom is the only Gulf state that approves the public sale and consumption of alcohol, banned by Islam. Find the full story here.

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