Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937) obituary

Ron Forsyth kindly provided me with this obituary

Western Mail 10 November 1937


The Late Miss Jessie Forsyth.

"RECENTLY there passed on to higher service one of the veteran social welfare workers in Western Australia" writes the secretary of the Women's Christian Temperance Union when paying tribute on behalf of the organisation to the late Miss Jessie Forsyth who, for the past 70 years, devoted her time to the service of others. Born in England 90 years ago, the late Miss Forsyth went first to America where she took up temperance work, editing two publications. Coming to Western Australia she continued this work and founded "Dawn" for the Fremantle Women's Service Guild who later handed over the publication to the care of the State executive. Miss Forsyth was also associated with the "White Ribbon," the official organ of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, in which organisation she took an active interest, holding in turn the positions of superintendent of the "Sailors' Rest," Fremantle, State corresponding secretary and State president, ultimately being made a life member. It was due to the influence of Miss Forsyth at the triennial convention in Adelaide in 1916 that the next convention was held in Perth. For over 60 years Miss Forsyth was a member of the International Order of Good Templars, holding various offices including those of International Grand Vice-templar and Grand International superintendent of juvenile work. Miss Forsyth was known to those with whom she came in contact as a woman with the courage of her convictions, a lover of young people, a staunch friend and a tireless worker for the good of humanity."

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Prehistory of alcohol deregulation in Australia (article)

Robin Room, "The Long Reaction against the Wowser: The Prehistory of Alcohol Deregulation in Australia," Health Society Review (June 2010).

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Alcohol deregulation in Australia (article)

Robin Room, "The Long Reaction against the Wowser: The Prehistory of Alcohol Deregulation in Australia," Health Sociology Review 19/2 (June 2010): 151-163.

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Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937) and temperance reform in Australia

In 1988 I published a collection of the writings of the temperance reformer Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937). Born in England, she lived most of her life in New England where she played a role (mostly as an editor) in the Good Templar battle over African American membership in the southern states.  In old age she moved to Western Australian where her only relations lived.  In the Fall/Winter 2000 issue of the Social History of Alcohol Review I published an article based on documents that her Australian relation Ron Forsyth had provided me.  He now has sent me electronic copies of material about Jessie Forsyth from the Australian press, sometimes written by her, sometimes about her, and sometimes simply a mention of her.  In case this material may help other temperance historians, I'll provide links to them ASAP.

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Brewing in England and Australia (article)

Paul Bayley, "Toothless in Burton: A History of the Crescent Brewery, Burton upon Trent and in Particular its Association with the Tooth Family of Cranbrook, Kent and Sidney, Australia," Brewery History 134 (Spring 2010): 2-49.

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Australian wine (book)

Nicholas Faith, Australia's Liquid Gold (Mitchell Beazley, 2003).

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Low prices hurt Australian wine makers

Australian wine makers are suffering from over-production, low prices, and an image problem.  For too long, Australian wine has been identified with shiraz from South Australia which now has gone out of fashion.  For more, see here.

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Australia increases state power over violence in drinking places

Here's the link to the article in the Sydney Morning Herald, and here's the link to the article.

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Modernity and law in the transformation of the Australian working-class pub (article)

Diane Kirkby, "'From Wharfie Haunt to Foodie Haven': Modernity and Law in the Transformation of the Australian Working-Class Pub," Food, Culture & Society 11/1 (2008): 29-48.

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Australian Alcohol Policy 2007 - Powerpoint Archives

Two years ago, a conference in Australia, Thinking Drinking II, produced an archive of more than 30 various powerpoint presentations on Alcohol Policy issues. The link is here.

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