A Brief History of the Alcohol and Temperance History Group and its Publications

Before the ADHS and SHAD

Five specialists in United States history organized the first group at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association held at New York City in December 1979.  At first it was called the Network of Historians of Alcohol Studies, but almost immediately it was renamed the Alcohol and Temperance History Group, and the ATHG invited non-historians to join.   A brief (and not entirely accurate) historical list of names of officials appear in the Social History of Alcohol Review, no. 26-27 (Spring/Fall 1993)

The ATHG's first newsletter--simply called the Alcohol and Temperance History Group Newsletter--appeared in Spring 1980.  Its co-editors were Jay L. Rubin and Jack S. Blocker.  No. 2 appeared in Fall 1980 under Rubin's editorship.   It began the practice of publishing current bibliography.  No. 3 appeared in Spring 1981, again with Rubin as editor.  No. 4 and No. 5 were edited by Jed Dannenbaum.  Beginning with no. 6, the ATHG Newsletter was edited by David M. Fahey.

No. 9 (Spring 1984) appeared with a new name, Alcohol in History: A Multidisciplinary Newsletter--and reported a reorganization of the ATHG at the Social History of Alcohol conference, held at Berkeley, California, in January 1984.  A newly named executive council elected Jack S. Blocker as president for a two-year term, while David M. Fahey was named secretary-treasurer.

With No. 13 (Spring 1986), the publication became the much more ambitious Social History of Alcohol Review, edited by Geoffrey J. Giles.  David M. Fahey became the new president, serving a two-year term.   While Giles was on research leave, Lilian Lewis Shiman served as editor in 1987-88 for No. 16 and No. 17.   By No. 18 (Fall 1988), Joseph R. Gusfield was president and David W. Gutzke, executive secretary (a title replacing that of secretary-treasurer), while Geoffrey J. Giles returned as editor.  By No. 23, K. Austin Kerr was president and Gregory Austin editor, while David W. Gutzke continued as executive secretary.  In no. 26-27 (Spring/Fall 1993) reported that Geoffrey J. Giles had become president and Richard F. Hamm had become executive secretary.   No. 28-29 (Fall 1993/Spring 1994) reported a new editor, W. Scott Haine, while no. 30-31 (Spring/Fall 1995) reported a new president, Patricia E. Prestwich, and--superseding the title of executive secretary--a new secretary-treasurer, Ron Roizen.  No. 34-35 (Spring/Fall 1997) saw George E. Snow become secretary-treasurer.  No. 38-39 (1999) reported that David W. Gutzke was president, while Jon Miller had become co-editor; he also served as the new secretary-treasurer.  In 2004 Ian R. Tyrrell became the ATHG's final president.

From 1995, David M. Fahey served as moderator of the ATHG electronic listserv group.  First K. Austin Kerr and then Jon Miller served as web editors for the ATHG website.

The ATHG and the SHAR came to an end in 2004, when the organization was restructured as the Alcohol and Drugs History Society and the publication as the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  Ian R. Tyrrell served as the first president of ADHS.  The first publication of SHAD occurred in 2005, but volume 18 bore the nominal date of 2003 and volume 19 that of 2004.  David M. Fahey served as interim editor in chief. The ATHG electronic list became the ADHS list.  In 2005 Dan Malleck became editor in chief of SHAD, while Scott c. Martin became ADHS secretary-treasurer.  Matthew McKean serves as web editor of the ADHS website.

There is a brief entry for the Alcohol and Temperance History Group by one of its founders, Jack S. Blocker, in Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia (ABC-Clio, 2003).

David M. Fahey