Chicago tea houses

A few years ago two Armenian-American partners started a Chicago-based chain of tea houses, Argo Tea, that features a variety of hot and iced teas as well as the luxury coffee brand Illy. Apparently they hope to replicate at least modestly what Starbucks did for coffee house chains. One distinctive feature for Argo Tea is that its furnishings include long library-style tables for wireless users. For more, see here.

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Armenia's Viticulture Industry

A brief historical essay by Hrayr Berberoglu on Armenia's viticulture industry, for the Food Reference Website (30 April 2004), can be found here. This small republic wedged between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey in the Caucasus Mountains is considered the cradle of vine and wine. Although the country’s altitude is an impediment, its southerly location relative to Burgundy represents a balance and compensates for the cold winters.

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