Alcohol in Angola (articles)

From J.C. Curto on the ADHS listserv in reply to my query about recent non-English publications:

Some of my own work on alcohol in Angola is available in Portuguese: José C. Curto, "Vinho verso Cachaça: A Luta Luso Brasileira pelo Comércio do Álcool e de Escravos em Luanda, 1648 1703," in S. Pantoja and J.F.S. Saraiva, eds. Angola e Brasil nas Rotas do Atlântico Sul. Rio de Janeiro: Bertrand do Brasil, 1999, pp. 69 97; and idem, “A Gerebita nas Relações entre Angola-colónia e o Reino de Kasanje,” Actas do III Encontro Internacional de História de Angola, Luanda, 25-28 September, 2007, forthcoming.

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Portuguese-Brazilian alcohol trade in Africa (book review)

Timothy D. Walker's favorable review of José C. Curto, Enslaving Spirits: The Portuguese–Brazilian Alcohol Trade at Luanda and its Hinterland, c. 1550–1830, in Social History of Medicine 19/2 (August 2006): 373-375.

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First War, Now Disease Plagues Angola Coffee Growers

Reuters reports (25 April 2005) that coffee production in Angola is on the rebound after decades of war, but a deadly pandemic may reduce it this year and it will not reach its pre-conflict levels any time soon. At its peak before Portuguese colonial rule ended in 1975, Angola was exporting some 220,000 tonnes of coffee a year. But in 2004 the state-run National Institute for Coffee says only 2,000 tonnes passed through the port in the capital Luanda. Find the full story here.

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Heineken leaves Angola or does it?

For The Namibia Economist, Desie Heita reported in April 2004 that Namibia Breweries Limited's beer may start entering Angola again as a piggyback on Heineken. An indication of this is the announcement straight from Amsterdam by the Heineken group that they sold their shares in two Angolan breweries. The Angolan breweries of which Heineken sold its shares, had a combined 15% of the Angolan beer market. Heineken owned 45% of Empresa Angolana de Cerveja (EKA) and 27% Nova Empresa de Cerveja de Angola (Nocal). Both brewer are located in Luanda. Find the full story here.

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