Vineyards in French Algeria (book)

Paul Birebent, Hommes, vignes et vins de l'Algérie française: 1830-1962 (Nice: Gandini, 2007).

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Drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages (book)

Here is a collection of essays: Peter Scholliers, ed., Food, drink and identity: cooking, eating and drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages. New York: Berg, 2001. I've selected the categories while looking at the table of contents.

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Saudi ambassador serves alcohol

The Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Ankara, El Husseini broke with the Islamic laws of his country and served his guests alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks were served at a welcome dinner held by El Husseini and his wife (who does not wear a headscarf), for the new arrival of the ambassadors of Yemen, Qatar, Algeria and Palestine in Ankara. In yet another break with the Saudi Islamic tradition, men and women sat and dined together.

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Algeria (article)

Letnev, Artem Borisovich. “Soldaty Rossii v Alzhire (1918-1920 GG.).” Voprosy Istorii 5 (1998), 128-136. [In Russian; on the Russian soldiers pressed into hard labor by the French government in Algeria from 1916 to 1920; some worked in viticulture.]

These citations originally appeared in recent “Current Literature” sections of The Social History of Alcohol Review. Jon Miller and David Fahey compiled and edited them. They were also available on the Alcohol and Drugs History Society’s old website,

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Do artists need narcotics even more than ordinary people?

In a November 2003 story in The Independent Online, Richard Davenport-Hines examined authors' drug habits, including their recreational use of drugs, their use of drugs to assuage bad nerves, insomnia, or to cope with creative tension and the artistic temperament, and their use of drug sub-cultures as material in their books. Find the full story here.

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