Wine and drunkenness in ancient Rome (dissertation)

Damien Martin, "When to Say When--Wine and Drunkenness in Roman Society," (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Missouri, 2010).

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1830's Temperance Rally, 1pm, Sunday, August 1, 2010, at the Historic Village at Allaire, NJ

About an hour from both NYC and Philadelphia, just outside of Farmingdale, NJ, there will be a full scale temperance rally that includes a meeting of the Howell [Iron] Works Temperance Society, a Ladies' Temperance Tea and Social, and rousing speeches. Everyone is invited to this free event (parking $5). 

And, yes, that most utilized 'recovery program' of all time - Taking the Pledge - will be handed out in print and read out loud all together by those who so choose, whether it be for rhetorical or life changing purposes. Here is the link. (repeated at 2:30pm)

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Commonplace books and surrendered masculinity in AA (article)

Trysh Travis, "'Handles to Hang on to Our Sobriety': Commonplace Books and Surrendered Masculinity in Alcoholics Anonymous," Men and Masculinities 12 (October 2009): 201-224.

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Growing alcohol abuse in American military

The US Army is recruiting hundreds more substance-abuse counsellors to deal with alcohol abuse, a problem that with two wars has grown since 2001.  More more, see here.

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Alcohol-related deaths have more than doubled in Britain in the last sixteen years

Not surprisingly men are more than twice as likely as women to suffer alcohol-related deaths.  What may be surprising in that managerial and professional men drink more than manual workers.  For more, see here.

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Drunkenness and the Irish question in Liverpool (article)

David Beckingham, "The Irish Question and the Question of Drunkenness: Catholic Loyalty in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool," Irish Geography 42/2 (July 2009): 125-144.  1861-1873.  Includes Father James Nugent's Catholic Total Abstinence League.  Based on his Cambridge doctoral dissertation (2009), "The Regulation of Drunkenness in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool."  See also his article "Geographies of Drink Culture in Liverpool: Lessons from the Drink Capital of Nineteenth-Century England," Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 15/3 (2008): 305-313.

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Alcohol abuse in antebellum Philadelphia (article)

Matthew Warner Osborn, "A Detestable Shrine: Alcohol Abuse in Antebellum Philadelphia," Journal of the Early Republic 29/1 (2009): 101-190.  Osborn also wrote a Roy Porter Memorial Essay, "Diseased Imaginations: Constructing Delerium Tremens in Philadelphia, 1813-1832,"Social History of Medicine 19/2 (August, 2006): 191-208.

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Digitized 1884-1901 Proceedings of the Society for the Study and Cure of Inebriety

The Society for the Study of Addiction has made available online these proceedings of it's progenitor. Here is the link.

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Alcoholism and the search for morality in Jamaica (article)

Brian L. Moore and Michle A. Johnson, "'Drunk and Disorderly': Alcoholism and the Search for 'Morality' in Jamaica, 1865-1920," Journal of Caribbean History 42/2 (2008): 155-186. 

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Novelists who sober up

Instead of looking at hard-drinking novelists, this article looks at novelists who have sobered up.

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