Beer advertising, 1933-1960 (article)

Nathan Michael Corzine, "Right at Home: Freedom and Domesticity in the Language and Imagery of Beer Advertising 1933-1960," Journal of Social History 43/4 (2010): 843-866.  Purdue graduate student who is writing a dissertation on baseball and drug abuse in the post-World War II era.

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U.S. Drinks Conference 2010

The conference Agenda for Oct 12 & 13, 2010, in NYC reveals what might be considered important in marketing alcoholic beverages today. Here is the link. Panel topics that exist within a historical context include "Trends", "Social Media Marketing" (2 workshops), "Regulation", and "Importation".

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TV Liquor ads - "cheesy" says Washington Post

In 1996 Federal legislation permitted liquor ads on TV. This WP blog touches on the history of those ads in the US and even earlier in other countries and gives a few entertaining examples via Youtube.

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Beer goes to war (article)

Lisa Jacobson, "Beer Goes to War: The Politics of Beer Promotion and Production in the Second World War," Food, Culture, and Society 12 (September 2009): 275-312. Her current research centers on a book, Cultures of Drink: Alcohol Promotion and Consumption in the United States after Prohibition Repeal. The University of California at Santa Barbara website describes this project, "a comparative study of vintners, brewers, and distillers [that] examines how alcohol producers, advertisers, popular media, tastemakers, and consumers forged distinctive (and sometimes antagonistic) cultures of drink in the four decades following Prohibition’s repeal in 1933."

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American brewers and public relations, 1909-1919 (article)

Margot Opdycke Lamme, "The Brewers and Public Relations History, 1909-1919,"  Journal of Public Relations Research 21/4 (October 2009): 456-477.

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Alcohol's big role in the new Harry Potter Movie

The NY Times article says "Previous Harry Potter movies have shown drinking, but this one takes it to a new level." Here's the link.

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Drink Talking (book)

Drink Talking : 100 Years of Alcohol Advertising. by Penny Dade, (Series: Library of historic advertising) [London]: Middlesex University Press, 2008. 160p. Here's the link to the publisher's webpage for the book.

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Weed, booze, cocaine and other old school "medicine" ads

Intriguing assemblage of old illustrated advertisements on the blog "Pill Talk," June 9, 2009, here.

Weed, Booze, Cocaine and Other Old School "Medicine" Ads

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Coffee advertising (article)

Robert W.Thurston, "Ad Infinitum: A Gallery of Coffee Advertising," Roast: The Magazine Dedicated to the Success of Coffee Roasters, May/June 2009.

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Alcohol and Tobacco in "Advertising and Society"

Carol Pardun, PhD, director of the U. of So. Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and President Elect of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication has authored Advertising and Society: Controversies and Consequences, 2009, Wiley-Blackwell, with two chapters on alcohol and tobacco. "Tobacco advertising : when people do dumb things" and "Alcohol advertising : a match made in heaven or a pact with the devil?" Publisher's webpage is here.  Pardun does research on the effects of advertising on adolescents.

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