The Social History of Alcohol Review

Volume 16, Numbers 1-4 (Fall 2001/Spring 2002)


What's New - 7

Reflection Essay
The Secular Sacrament
Lowell Edmunds - 9

The Vegetarian Movement in Victorian Britain and its Relationship with Temperance
James Gregory - 14

Bibliographic Essay
Selected Bibliography of Japanese-Language Sources on Drinking, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and Reform Activism in Japan
Elizabeth A. Dorn - 35

Book Reviews
Madeleine Hurd, Public Spheres, Public Mores, and Democracy: Hamburg and Stockholm, 1870-1914 (2000)
Laura L. Phillips - 44

Jonathan Zimmerman, Distilling Democracy: Alcohol Education in America's Public Schools, 1880-1925 (1999)
Marc Horger - 46

Roy Palmer, A Taste of Ale (2000)
David Ingle - 52

John Burnett, Liquid Pleasures: A Social History of Drinks in Modern Britain (1999)
Andrew Barr - 55

Robert A. Hohner, Prohibition and Politics: The Life of Bishop James Cannon, Jr.(1999)
Richard Hamm - 62

Cassandra Tate, Cigarette Wars: The Triumph of the Little White Slaver (1999)
Hasso Spode - 65

Current Literature - 72