The Social History of Alcohol Review

Volume 15, Numbers 1-2 (Fall/Winter 2000)

(nos. 40-41 in the old numbering system)


What's New - 5

Reflection Essay
My Way to the Café: A Topic for All Seasons
W. Scott Haine - 10

Drink-Related Songs in the British Isles
David Ingle - 20

Jessie Forsyth, Good Templar: Family Records from Western Australia
David M. Fahey - 28

Symposium Response
A Reply to the ATHG Symposium on Drink: A Social History
Andrew Barr - 33

Book Reviews
Virginia Berridge, Opium and the People: Opiate Use and Drug Control Policy in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century England
Padma Manian - 39

Christine Clarke, The British Malting Industry Since 1830
Raymond G. Anderson - 44

Jim Blount, Little Chicago: A History of the Prohibition Era in Hamilton! and Butler County, Ohio
David M. Fahey - 51

Current Literature - 53