The Social History of Alcohol Review

Volume 15, Numbers 3-4 (Spring/Summer 2001)


What's New - 7

Reflection Essay
Why I am Often Introduced as an Expert on Alcoholism But Am Not
Joseph R. Gusfield - 11

John B. Gough: Trans-Atlantic Temperance Orator
Lilian Lewis Shiman - 20

The Politics of Drink in Britain: Anglo-American Perspectives: Presidential Address to the Ohio Academy of History, April 29, 2000
David M. Fahey - Web Exclusive

Methodological Essay
Investigating Russian Taverns
Laura L. Phillips - 30

Conference Report
Drink, Drama, Poetry and Song
David Ingle - 33

Book Reviews
Rao and Parthasarathy, eds., Anti-Arrack Movement of Women in Andhra Pradesh and Prohibition Policy
David M. Fahey - 42

Susanna Johnston, Parties: A Literary Companion
Mary Fuller - 44

Andrew Barr, Drink: A Social History of America
W.J. Rorabaugh - 48

David M. Fahey, Temperance and Racism
Elizabeth Malcolm - 50

Anya Taylor, Bacchus in Romantic England: Writers and Drink, 1780-1830
Gay Sibley - 53

Current Literature - 60