The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs: An Interdisciplinary Journal (SHAD)

Volume 20 Number 1 (Fall 2005)

Special Issue:
The International Conference on Drugs and Alcohol in History at Huron University College, London, Ontario

Contents (Available for Download as PDFs)

Editor's Note - 10 (PDF)


The Evolution of U.S. Temperance Movements Since Repeal: A Comparison of Two Campaigns to Control Alcoholic Beverage Marketing, 1950s and 1980s
Pamela Penock - 14 (PDF)

Opiate Addiction and the Entanglements of Imperialism and Patriarchy in Manchukuo, 1932-45
Norman Smith - 66 (PDF)

ADHS Forum (PDF)

Mr ATOD's Wild Ride: What Do Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Have in Common?
David T. Courtwright - 105

Response to the Keynote Address

Transubstantiations of the Mystery: Two Remarks on the Shifts in Knowledge about Addiction
Hasso Spode - 125

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: A Response to David Courtwright
Ian Tyrrell - 129

Morality, Society, and the Science of Intoxication: A Response to David Courtwright's "Mr ATOD's Wild Ride: What Do Alcohol and Other Drugs Have in Common?"
Jim Mills - 133

Addiction Science, History, and the ATOD Paradigm: A Reply to Hasso Spode, Ian Tyrrell, and Jim Mills
David T. Courtwright - 138

Review Essay (PDF)

The Last Modernist: Hunter S. Thompson and the White Logic
John W. Crowley - 141

Book Reviews (PDF)

Adam Smyth, ed. A Pleasing Sinne: Drink and Conviviality in Seventeenth-Century England (2004)
Corey E. Andrews - 154

Sarah W. Tracy and Caroline Jean Acker, eds. Altering American Consciousness: The History of Alcohol and Drug Use in the United States, 1800-2000 (2004)
Erika Dyck - 156

David A. Bello, Opium and the Limits of Empire: Drug Prohibition in the Chinese Interior, 1729-1850 (2005)
Joyce A. Madancy - 158

Marcus Boon, The Road of Excess: A History of Writers on Drugs (2002)
Jon Miller - 161

Kolleen M. Guy, When Champagne Became French: Wine and the Making of a National Identity (2003)
Kim Munholland - 164

Mark A. Noon, Yuengling: A History of America's Oldest Brewery (2005)
Knut Oyangen - 166

Janet Golden, Message in a Bottle: The Making of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (2005)
Lee S. Polansky - 167

Rita Elizabeth Rippetoe, Booze and the Private Eye: Alcohol in the Hard-Boiled Novel (2004)
Marty Roth - 169