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Women's drinking and the English public house (dissertation)

Stella Maria Moss, "Cultures of Women's Drinking and the English Public House, 1914-39" (D.Phil. dissertation, St. John's College, Oxford University, 2009).  Stella Moss also is the author of  "'Wartime Hysterics': Alcohol, women and the politics of wartime social purity," in British Popular Culture and the First World War, ed. Jessica Meyer (Brill, 2008); and "'A Grave Question': The Children's Act and Public House Regulation, c. 1908-1939," Crimes and Misdemeanours 3/2 (2009), at http://www.research.plymouth.ac.uk/solon/journal/Issue%203.2/MOSS%20Grave%20concern%20edited.pdf

Dr. Moss presented a related paper at the conference, "Spaces of Drink," sponsored by the London Group of Historical Geographers in early 2010.  The papers include: 

19th January 2010 David Beckingham (University of Cambridge)
Liberalism, liberty and the geography of the Inebriates Acts, 1879-1914

2nd February 2010 Stella Moss (University of Oxford)
Spitting and Sitting: Gender, Space and the English Public House, 1918-39

16th February 2010 James Brown (University of Oxford)
Drinking Geographies in Early Modern England

2nd March 2010 Deborah Toner (University of Warwick)
Everything in its Right Place? Drinking Spaces and Popular Culture in 19th Century Mexican Literature

16th March 2010 James Nicholls (Bath Spa University)
The pub and the people: drinking spaces and UK alcohol policy, past and present

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