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Whitbread & Co., Ltd. (archives, 1742-2000)

London Metropolitan Archives is the depository for the archives of the brewer Whitbread and affiliated companies.  The archives comprise 117.1 linear metres of records.  

Records of Whitbread and Company Ltd, brewers, with the papers of its subsidiary companies originally based in the London area, 1742-2000. These records will primarily be of interest to those concerned with the foundation and development of breweries or with the history of family businesses. A large collection of plans of properties, including public houses (LMA/4453/F/08), along with the Whitbread Archivist's research files (LMA/4453/G/05) will also be of interest to local historians researching specific public houses in the London area. Genealogical information about Whitbread employees is available in the Salaries Books (LMA/4453/E/01) and Pensioners Books (LMA/4453/E/04).

Corporate records include: minute books; memorandum and articles of association; partnership documents; articles, agreements, trusts and ordinary shares papers; agreements received books; contract books; Directors' fees journals; registers of seals; Sir Sydney O Neville: correspondence and papers; other correspondence and notebooks; agreements; correspondence and related papers; Royal warrants; policy files and partners' correspondence.

Financial records include: account books; balance sheets and accounts; Britannia Street statement of expenditure books; cash and accounts books; deposit ledgers; depreciation ledgers; general journals and ledgers; loan diaries and ledgers; partners ledgers; private ledgers and journals; rest books; securities ledgers; share registers; pocket books for order, rent and cash. Sales records include: beer returns; complaints books; excise books; export ledgers; sales and nominal ledgers; estate trade books; summaries and statistics and Take Home Division.

Production records include: ale brewing books; brewing process; butt books; cask ledger; cellar ledger; notebooks; F G S Baker's notebooks; fermentation books; porter brewing books; purchase ledgers and stock books; sample and sediment reports; starting books and transport and plant. Staff records include: salaries books and lists of employees; employment policy and related papers; accident books and health and pensioners books.

Records relating to premises include: deeds of title: Chiswell Street Brewery; deeds of title: public houses, beer houses and off-licences; deeds received and receipts for deeds books; property ledgers, land valuation and plan drawings of properties; rent ledgers; repairs ledgers; Northern Brewery Project; plans and charts; Chiswell Street Redevelopment and correspondence.

Records relating to advertising and the history of Whitbread include: advertisement albums; newspaper cuttings; photograph albums; histories and articles; archivists' research files and letters in response to advertising campaigns.

Records of subsidiary companies including: Whitbread Properties Limited 
Whitbread (London) Limited 
Whitbread International Limited 
F S Stowells Limited 
Ealing Welwyn Restaurants Limited 
Forest Hill Brewing Company Limited 
Improved Public House Limited 
R White and Son Limited 
Central Catering Limited 
Manor Park Gripper Brothers Limited: Bell Brewery, Tottenham (later Tottenham Depot) 
Railway Tavern Limited 
Goodhews Limited 
H and V Nicholl Limited, The Anchor Brewery, Lewisham 
Theydon Hall Farm (later Threshers and Company Limited) 
Jude Hanbury and Company Limited 
Frederick Leney and Sons Limited 
Mackeson and Company Limited Dale Brewery 
Top Star Taverns Limited 
Amey's Brewery Limited Chelsea Brewery 
Douglas Ritchie Limited

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