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Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937) and temperance reform in Australia

In 1988 I published a collection of the writings of the temperance reformer Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937). Born in England, she lived most of her life in New England where she played a role (mostly as an editor) in the Good Templar battle over African American membership in the southern states.  In old age she moved to Western Australian where her only relations lived.  In the Fall/Winter 2000 issue of the Social History of Alcohol Review I published an article based on documents that her Australian relation Ron Forsyth had provided me.  He now has sent me electronic copies of material about Jessie Forsyth from the Australian press, sometimes written by her, sometimes about her, and sometimes simply a mention of her.  In case this material may help other temperance historians, I'll provide links to them ASAP.

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