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Plato, drug culture, and identity in ancient Athens (book)

Michael A. Rinella, Pharmakon: Plato, Drug Culture, and Identity in Ancient Athens (Lexington Books, forthcoming May 2010).

Table of Contents for Pharmakon: 

  • Introduction - The Pharmakon, Ecstasy, and Identity 

  • Part I. Plato and the Politics of Intoxication 
    • Chapter 1. Wine and the Symposion 
    • Chapter 2. The Symposion and the Question of Stasis 
    • Chapter 3. Plato's Reformulation of the Symposion 

  • Part II: The Pharmakon and the Defense of Philosophy 
    • Chapter 4. Drugs, Epic Poetry, and Religion 
    • Chapter 5. Socrates Accused 
    • Chapter 6. Socrates Rehabilitated 

  • Part III. Plato through the Prism of the Pharmakon 
    • Chapter 7. Medicine, Drugs, and Somatic Regimen 
    • Chapter 8. Magic, Drugs, and Noetic Regimen 
    • Chapter 9. Speech, Drugs, and Discursive Regimen 
    • Chapter 10. Philosophy's Pharmacy 
    • Afterword: Towards a New Ethics of the Pharmakon 

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