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Welcome to the ADHS Daily Register

And to the online home of The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs: An Interdisciplinary Journal (SHAD). The site will be updated on a daily basis with news, publications, or resources of interest to members of our group. We encourage you to check back often. Keep reading to find out more about the site and how to contribute to it.

Formerly known as the Alcohol and Temperance History Group, the ADHS is an international group of alcohol, temperance, and drug history scholars. Formerly published as The Social History of Alcohol Review, the SHAD is a scholarly annual featuring peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Please explore the links on the left to learn more about the group and our journal.

The center column of the main page consists of the society's daily weblog. Each post provides information about news, publications, including book reviews, book chapters, and online articles, or other resources of interests for those who study the history of alcohol and drugs.  Each post is filed under one or more "categories" that describe its topical or geographical focus.  By clicking on the "category" links at the right, you can easily sort the content of the weblog.  On every category page, the posts are sorted from new to old.  This makes it easy to view only the material that has been posted since the last time you visited the website.

To Contribute to the Site

The site will be moderated by the Web Editor.  To contribute to the site, please send an email to Matthew McKean, with the complete details of your post, including full bibliographic information, web links, and email addresses, where necessary.  The Web Editor will add your post to the site on your behalf.

This project replaces, and may soon incorporate, the current literature feature from the print journal and the annotated bibliographies from the old Alcohol and Temperance History Group website.

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