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Community forum on student drinking at Ohio college town

A couple of interesting points were made at a community forum on student drinking in Oxford, Ohio, home of Miami University. For more, see here. A police sergeant argued that the image of fraternities and sororities being sites of especially heavy drinking was wrong. Concerned about collective punishment, they usually enforced moderation. A university spokeswoman said that incoming Miami students were more likely already to be drinkers than students at many other colleges. This encouraged the development of a drinking culture.

(Miami is known in the region for its Green Beer Day, more or less related to St. Patrick's Day, but it is NOT the university in Ohio reputed to be the hardest drinking. Finally, in a response to Green Beer Day, Miami has organized a Green Tea Day that promotes healthy living and not just drinking green tea.)

Posted by David Fahey on April 4, 2008 at 08:08 AM in Alcoholism | Permalink