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Bibliography in progress on the history of coffee (and more)

The website for Bob Thurston's coffee conference (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA, 31 October-1 November 2008) includes a bibliography in progress on the history of coffee (and more). The website is:


The website provides details about the program and explains how to register for the conference.

A Bibliography In Progress on the History of Coffee (and more)

Bibliography, filmography, and sites compiled by Robert Thurston, Miami University. [email protected]

Please send notations of works not cited here to Robert Thurston

Some works not yet located


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Black Coffee

Black Gold, documentary film, Mark and Nick Francis, Britain, 2006.

Caffe Ambience

Cappuccino Trail

Coffee Tea Production and Vintage Commericals

Gourmet Coffee

Kauai Coffee

Men with Guns, feature film, dir. John Sayles, US, 1997

The Passionate Harvest.

Spilling the Beans

The strength of the indigenous people of Mut Vitz (Svokolik vatz'l viniketik sventa Mut Vitz), documentary video produced by the Chiapas Media Project Chicago, IL : Chiapas Media Project, 2000

Vintage Coffee and Coffee House films historical films: classic coffee ads, coffee industry films, coffee training films for workers.

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