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Coffee conference at Miami University (Ohio), 31 October-1 November 98)

Here is a tentative conference schedule for Robert Thurston's coffee conference at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA, 31 October-1 November 2008. Details about registration will follow.

Tentative Conference Schedule

Friday October 31-Saturday November 1, 2008.


1) Research on the coffee plant and its ecology

Robert Rice, Smithsonian Bird Project

Kennedy T. K. Gitonga, Research Officer - Economist, Ruiru, Kenya

Stuart McCook, Guelph University, on coffee rust disease

Comment Charlie Kwit, Wittenberg U.

2) Sustainability

Geoff Watts, Intelligentsia Coffee, on sustainability

Ernest Carman, Caf Cristina, Costa Rica, on running a sustainable farm

Comment SCAA rep

3) Structure of the coffee business

Ilhem Baghdadli, World Bank

P&G rep to be named

comment ?

Keynote address following dinner by Sidney Mintz, Johns Hopkins University


4) Selling coffee

Kim Moore, Dir. of Business DevelopmentCoffee and Hot Beverages, TransFair USA

Manoel Correa do Lago, Rio de Janeiro, coffee exporter


5) Situation of small farmers

PEARL Project, Michigan State U. Dan Clay or another rep.

Cecocafen rep (Nicaragua) Guatemalan farmer?

comment ?

6) Taste and images

Kenneth Davids The Coffee Review, Consumption from a theoretical pt of view

Robert Thurston, Miami U. The changing image of coffee 1660-present

Comment Bruce Robbins, Columbia U.

7) The popularity and spread of coffee

Steven Topik, UC Irvine Why Americans Came to Like Coffee

Jonathan Morris, U. of Hertfordshire, Why the British Like Italian Coffee

comment William Clarence-Smith, School of Oriental and African Studies, U. Of London

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