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The Wire

Trysh Travis writes:

HBO's critically-acclaimed drama The Wire (David Simon, writer/producer) is best known for its thoughtful portrayal of the political economy of narcotics trafficking and the dismal interdiction strategy known as the "war on drugs." Episode two of what will be the final season just aired on 13 January, and the last chapter in Simon's narrative is shaping up to give what should be a similarly nuanced depiction of addiction and recovery. The former is the path of Baltimore cop Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West), the latter that of Bubbles (Andre Royo), a street hustler and sometime informant for McNulty's squad. Country singer Steve Earle, himself a recovering narcotics addict, appears as Waylon, Bubbles's sponsor. Earle's stripped-down cover of Tom Waits's "Down in the Hole" serves as the show's appropriate opening theme.

More information on air times, episode guide, etc., at http://www.hbo.com/thewire/.

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