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Tequila imitators

Mexico's tequila industry (735 brands produced by 118 companies) is concerned about competition from imitators, most of them disapproved tequila coming from Mexican garages and small workshops and a few located in South Africa. (Tequila is supposed by be at least 51% from the agave plant.) The tequila industry, heavily dependent on the USA market (about 75% of Mexican tequila exports go north of the border), has grown rapidly. Formerly a peasant drink, extensive advertising by the Jose Cuervo brand made it acceptable to middle class Americans. Production has grown from 16.7 million gallons in 1995 to 32.1 million gallons in 2005. Mexico asserts a geographic claim to the name tequila as does the Champagne district of France to that bubbly drink. For more, see the USA Today, 17 October 2007.

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