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Social and economic control of alcohol in the USA today (book)

Carole L. Jurkiewicz, ed., Social and economic control of alcohol: the 21st amendment in the 21st century (Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis, forthcoming 2008).

Social and Economic Control of Alcohol: The 21st Amendment in the 21st Century
Edited by Carole L. Jurkiewicz
1 Why Control Alcohol? Jurkiewicz
2 Taxation and the Economic Impacts of Alcohol Schwalm
3 The Future of the Three-Tiered System As A Control of Marketing Alcoholic Beverages Lawson
4 Contents Under Pressure: Regulating the Sales and Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Cagann
5 Policy, Regulation and Legislation Rhodes
6 The Repeal Program Diamond
7 Sociological/Cultural Influences of Drinking Jonathan P. West, Colleen M. West
8 Perceptions, Policies, and Social Norms: Transforming Alcohol Cultures Over the Next 100 Years Linkenbach
9 Controlling Misuse of Alcohol by College Youth: Paradigms and Paradoxes for Prevention Weitzman
10 How do alcohol screening and prevention programs fare in a web-based environment? Belanger
11 Instituting Innovation: A Model of Administrative Change in a State-Level Liquor Control Board Cox, Cronin
12 Toward Liquor Control: A Retrospective Daniels

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