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New edition of Consuming Habits (book)

Consuming Habits: Global and Historical Perspectives on how Cultures Define Drugs, ed. Jordan Goodman and others, 2nd ed., Routledge, June 2007.

Psychoactive substances have been central to the formation of civilizations, the definition of cultural identities, and the growth of the world economy. The labeling of these substances as 'legal' or 'illegal' has diverted attention away from understanding their important cultural and historical role. This collection explores the rich analytical category of psychoactive substances from challenging historical and anthropological perspectives.

Covering a wide range of substances, including opium, cocaine, coffee, tobacco, kola, and betelnut, from prehistory to the present day, this new edition has been extensively updated, with an updated bibliography and two new chapters on cannabis and khat. Consuming Habits is the perfect companion for all those interested in how different cultures have defined drugs across the ages.

Jordan Goodman is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL. His publications include The Rattlesnake: A Voyage of Discovery to the Coral Sea (2005).
Paul E. Lovejoy is Distinguished Research Professor and holds the Canada Research Chair in African Diaspora History at York University. His publications include Transformations in Slavery: A History of Slavery in Africa (2nd edition, 2000).
Andrew Sherratt was Professor of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. His most recent book was Economy and society in prehistoric Europe: changing perspectives (1997).

Table of Contents:
List of figures and tables
Notes on contributors
Introduction: Peculiar Substances Andrew Sherratt
1. Alcohol and its alternatives: symbol and substance in pre-industrial cultures Andrew Sherratt
2. Coca, beer, cigars and yag'e: meals and anti-meals in an Amerindinian community Stephen Hugh-Jones
3. Nicotian Dreams: the prehistory and early history of tobacco in eastern North America Alexander von Gernet
4. Betelnut ‘bisnis’ and cosmology: a view from Papua New Guinea Eric Hirsch
5. Kola nuts: the 'coffee' of the central Sudan Paul E. Lovejoy
6. Excitantia: Or, how enlightenment Europe took to soft drugs Jordan Goodman
7. From coffeehouse to parlour: the consumption of coffee, tea and sugar in northwestern Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Woodruff D. Smith
8. Tobacco use and tobacco taxation: a battle of interests in early modern Europe Jacob M. Price
9. Globalising Ganja: The British Empire and international cannabis traffic c. 1834 to c. 1939 James H. Mills
10. Japan and the world narcotics traffic Kathryn Meyer
11. The rise and fall and rise of cocaine in the United States David T. Courtwright
12. Building castles of spit – the role of khat in work, ritual and leisure Axel Klein and Susan Beckerleg
13. Afterword Jordan Goodman and Paul E. Lovejoy
Selected bibliography

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