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Proscribed Purchases in USA (call for papers)

Call For Papers: Proscribed Purchases: Banned, Restricted and Subversive
Consumption in United States History
2008 Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting
New York, New York
March 28-31, 2008

I am looking for participants to form a panel for the 2008 OAH
Annual Meeting in New York. The tentative title of the panel is
“Proscribed Purchases: Banned, Restricted and Subversive Consumption in
the United States.”

In recent decades U.S. historians of virtually every specialization
have created significant works of scholarship dealing with themes of
“deviance,” cultural subversion and transgression. Despite their inherent
commonalities, many of these works tend to address disparate topics and
employ different methodologies, and their audience or influence is often
limited to a distinct subfield within the larger field of United States
This panel seeks to address topics of “deviance” or transgression in
the United States across lines of specialization and field by focusing on
these themes’ relationship to consumption and commercial market forces.
More specifically, I am seeking papers that deal with commercial
activities and consumer goods that are banned or heavily restricted by
law. Panelists will make the market-, commercial- or consumer-oriented
aspects of their topic a main focus of their papers. Although it is
important that the focus of papers be retrospective, submissions from all
disciplines, and not just history, are invited.
My own work deals with youth and marijuana culture in the 1970s.
A selection of possible paper topics includes, but is not limited to, the
--Alcohol and tobacco
--Embargoed trade or goods
--Any type of black market
--Bootleg or counterfeit goods
--Sites of consumption that were at one time or another prohibited or
heavily restricted: speakeasies, gay bars, etc.
--Banned publications and visual media.
Any potential panelist should indicate their interest by sending
an email to Joshua Davis (at [email protected]) as soon as possible,
and also submit an abstract of 250 words or less along with a CV no later
than January 1, 2007.

Joshua C. Davis
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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