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Political uses of alcohol in Latin America (conference session)

The Alcohol and Drugs History Society will sponsor a session, "Political Uses of Alcohol: The State and the Lower Classes in Colonial and Modern Latin America," in conjunction with the American Historical Association, Atlanta, Saturday, 6 January 2007, 9-11 am.  Douglas Yarrington will chair and session and Scott Martin will provide the comment.  There will be four papers.  (Apology for lack of Spanish accent marks.)

Sharon Bailey Glasco, "Elites, Plebeians, Drinking, and Space: Alcohol and Ideas about Urban Space in Late Colonial Mexico City"

Marcos Fernandez Labbe, "Clientelismo, Taxes, and Proletarian Opposition: The Political Uses of Chile's Taverns, 1870-1930"

Gretchen Pierce, "'Se prohibe la cerveza y en cambio se tolera la menta de vino': Popular Temperance Leagues, Corruption, and State-Building in Sonora, Mexico, 1929-40"

Joes Orozco, "Disgust and Creation of a Nationalist Tequila Discourse in Pre-Revolutionary Mexico"

Among other AHA sessions at Atlanta relevant to the ADHS is a joint session with the Labor and Working-Class History Association, "Labor, Migration, and Global Trade, Part !: Coca-Cola in Guatemala, Colombia, and India.

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