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More prime-time shows go for a drink

Whether characters are bellying up to Joe's Emerald City Bar in Grey's Anatomy or swigging a martini at MacLaren's on How I Met Your Mother, booze is getting a bottle full of free exposure on prime-time TV this fall.

Cocktails have replaced coffee as pop culture's elixir of choice, with liquor making cameo appearances in shows including CBS' Two and a Half Men, Fox's Happy Hour and the pilot of ABC's Brothers and Sisters.

"The new programs show individuals or small groups drinking as part of the cocktail culture that had its renaissance in films like Swingers and rediscovery of Rat Pack cool," says John Rash, a senior vice president of media for ad agency Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis.

"They're saying, in effect, that a cocktail after work is still an accepted part of the socially sanctioned American experience."

But the Parents Television Council says that such fare is too prevalent during early hours when kids tune in.

USA Today reports.

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