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Cuba (book, article)

Bonera Miranda, Miguel. Oro Blanco: Una Historia Empresarial del Ron Cubano. Toronto: Lugus, 2000. [On the history of rum in Cuba.]

Chattopadhyay, Collette. “Kcho.” Sculpture 17:2 (1998), 61-62. [Review of exhibitions of work by the Cuban sculptor Kcho at Regen Projects and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, both in Los Angeles; the Regen Projects exhibition features “Para Olvidar,” which presents a boat floating in a sea of bottles to suggest the intoxication of alcohol as well as a metaphor for cultural migration.]

These citations originally appeared in recent “Current Literature” sections of The Social History of Alcohol Review. Jon Miller and David Fahey compiled and edited them. They were also available on the Alcohol and Drugs History Society’s old website, http://athg.org.

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